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5 Must-Watch Stoner Anime Masterpieces

Are you searching for the perfect stoner anime? The Japanese art form offers an array of visually beautiful and expressive masterpieces.

The genre’s global popularity is growing. As weed prohibition in much of America is ending, people have the freedom to enjoy watching anime with cannabis. Finding legal sativa seeds for sale is easier than ever if you live in the right state.

Numerous weed strains are famous for enhancing an individual’s viewing experience. Taking a few tokes and delving into a quality series or film is the favourite pastime of many people. Read on and discover five of the greatest anime to watch high.

1. Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 is topping multiple “best anime” lists. The show is famous for its unique visual execution and clever humour.

While there’s widespread acclaim for its animation, the characters and plot are where the series shines.

The story focuses on Mob, a shy teenage boy with limitless psychic abilities. Hilarity ensues as he attempts to control his powers while numerous villains harass him.

Expect lots of dry humour and quick-witted jokes. The writers use slow pacing to build each episode before unleashing epic climatic moments. Mob Psycho 100 is heartfelt, hilarious, and among the best anime to watch high.

2. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is a cult classic and a must-watch show for stoners. The original ran for one season from 1998 to 1999 and is the version to watch. Modern iterations of this iconic anime only sully the name.

The story follows a team of bounty hunters in a sci-fi universe where countless planets and different lifeforms interact. The characters are excellent, and the director balances comedy with drama perfectly.

The anime is entirely hand-drawn, with slick action scenes that provide remarkable visual aesthetics for its time.

The series isn’t all style, though. Cowboy Bebop has plenty of substance.

Another noteworthy aspect of this show is its soundtrack. The program contains an incredible jazz theme that the creators weave into the plot. The multi-layered brilliance of Cowboy Bebop makes it one of the best stoner anime.

3. Death Note

As the name suggests, Death Note is adult-themed and dark. It doesn’t rely on violence like many famous shows in the genre do. The series uses clever writing and creates palpable psychological suspense for the audience.

Death Note has a plot depth that rivals any film or show. Genius high school student Light Yagami discovers a notebook. He realizes it gives him the power to take someone’s life by writing their name. This ability only works if he’s seen the person’s face.

He first tests the notebook’s powers on the worst people he sees in the news. Light quickly develops delusions of grandeur and begins a campaign to rid the world of criminals. The show enters genius territory by introducing the character L, a detective of equal intelligence.

The 37-episode story develops into a brilliant battle of wits between Light and L. Each character tries to discover the other’s identity through incredible twists and turns. The cleverness of the writing is astonishing throughout.

Watch this mental chess match unfold while high, and it’s an unforgettable experience. Every episode leaves you contemplating how the writer thinks of the ideas. Few stories from any medium rival the intelligence of Death Note.

4. The Animatrix

The Animatrix is among the best anime to watch when high. This film is a collection of nine short stories, each with a unique style.

In 2003, the Wachowski siblings, creators of The Matrix, organized a collaboration between nine of the greatest anime directors. Each part is a prequel to the original movie and offers a range of stunning aesthetics.

These stories are short but profound. In terms of visuals, this anime is pure eye candy. Using expensive CGI in 2003 allowed the directors to go beyond their normal creative limits. The end product is a breathtaking display of artistry.

The intense and beautiful visuals of The Animatrix come alive with the buzz of a tasty strain. This film glues your eyes to the screen while your body is in a state of couch lock. If you’re unsure where to purchase cannabis, buying weed online could be your best option.

5. One Punch Man

One Punch Man is the ultimate action-comedy anime. This series satirizes the genre while also staying true to the style it parodies.

The story follows Saitama, who lives in a world where clichéd superheroes and monsters are part of everyday life. His problem is that he’s too powerful. He tirelessly looks for a challenge but can’t help destroying every opponent with one punch.

Saitama’s strength leads to extreme boredom, and his disappointed reactions after each battle are hilarious. The series also uses clever metaphors to touch on deeper social issues. For many, One Punch Man is the best anime to watch while high.

So far, the series has two parts, and fans can’t wait for season three’s release date.

Enhance Anime With a Blaze

The genre’s global popularity is evident in the investment from streaming sites like Amazon and Netflix. These companies spend millions for the rights of older anime and fund directors and artists to produce new shows.

There are many series and films to choose from, and discovering the best is often challenging. Finding your ideal anime is easy with this list. Why not stock up on your favourite strains and experience these masterworks while high?

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