Gamers Season 2: Release Date, Expected Cast, Plot, What we know so far


Season 2 of Gamers is coming soon! The new season will follow the lives and careers of six competitive video game players as they live together in a house for ten days.

From their relationships with each other, to their reactions to playing games on camera, this series offers an unprecedented look at what it takes to be a professional gamer.

We know you’re excited about Season 2 of Gamers and we can’t wait for you to see it either! Stay tuned for more updates on the release date, cast members and plot details.

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Is it true that the show will debut in 2018 as predicted? So, you’ve come to the correct location. Here are the most up-to-date information for Gamers’ fans.

The first season of Gamers, the popular gaming anime series, debuted on July 13, 2017 and consisted of 12 episodes. The audience loved this Japanese drama because it is full of amazement, and the IMDB rating was 6.6 on average.

Season 2 of The Fosters is expected to premiere in 2019. In later episodes, the plot has moved from a gaming concept to a romantic comedy. Since then, the return of the franchise has been anticipated.

Gamers Season 2 Was Released On January 23, 2019.

There are a lot of release date predictions, but the creators have yet to reveal the premiere date. Season 2 is intended to premiere in late 2020 or early 2021, but the wait isn’t over for fans yet.

Yes, Covid has an impact on it, which is one of the causes for setbacks. The Dragon Maids are based on light novels written by Sekina Aoi and enhanced by Saboten. The first season of Cowboy Bebop was comprised of only six volumes, out of which only four were published.

The series became the most viewed Japanese program in terms of viewership within a month of its release. With such a high demand for season 2 and so much source material, I’m going to say there’s still a chance for another season.

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Expected Cast Gamers Season 2-

Season 1’s characters are quite admirable, and they’ve shown virtue in their romantic comedy parts. If the same cast returns in the sequel, they will be ecstatic.

Let’s wait for the film’s release to see the characters again. We anticipate the same incredible cast, with some new and prominent characters that will reprise the current season.

Some remarkable characters of season one, who has moved us and we are very likely, expecting for their comebacks are:

  • Keita Amano is the protagonist of the series, voiced by Megumi Han, who has an unhealthy relationship with video games.
  • Karen Tendou is voiced by Hisako Kanemoto, a well-known and bright student at the school. She has also acted in other installments of the franchise.
  • Toshiyuki Toyonaga played by Tasuku Uehara is a gamer who occasionally socializes with Keita and his classmates.
  • Manaka Iwami voiced Chiaki Hoshinomori, a shy character.
  • Aguri Sakurano voiced by Rumi Okubo
  • Eiichi Misumi is voiced by Natsuki Hanae, Karen’s classmate.
  • Konoha Hoshinomori is voiced by Jad Saxton.
  • Aaron Dismuke provided the voice of Daiki.
  • Yasuaki Takumi played Gakuto Kase in the film adaptation.
  • Yuna Yoshino played the voice of Niina Oiso.

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The Story Of Gamers Season 2-

It is anticipated that the narrative of will conclude with the remaining volumes of the light novel, which will lead to dramatic developments. Because, as we all know, the creators have not spoken regarding season two, and because there has been no word of it yet, the plot is most likely speculation.

We have to be patient while the latest news arrive.

What We Know So Far So FarHowever, the latest rumors suggest otherwise. According to one source who spoke with TheWrap, it’s still a possibility that the wedding will take place on May 19, 2020.

Season 1 was a nice piece of animation. We’ve met Keita Anamo, a high school student who enjoys gaming. A beautiful girl named Karen Tendou invited him to join the gaming club. However, the gaming club proved to be competitive, making it difficult for him to fulfill the requirements.

Later, he turns down the offer. With all of this, Keita’s life takes turns for the unexpected. The plot revolves around games, misunderstandings, and love, which has captured the attention of the audience.


There has been no news of the production’s cancellation, despite rumors to the contrary. Season two appears to be in jeopardy. We’ll be able to watch the Kakegurui anime on Crunchyroll as soon as it becomes available. We can also use our PC or Smartphone to stream AT-X, Tokyo MX, Sun TV BS-11, and OTT service Netflix.

It would be intriguing to find out when season two will premiere in order to please its followers. But the important thing is, it offers something new to us. But if we connect the dots, there are several possibilities for reunions with our series’ fascinating characters.

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