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Simpsons’ Goes Anime For Treehouse Of Horror Xxxiii And Fans Love It

Fans love the anime version of ‘Simpsons’ so much they are calling for an entire series.

Ahead of Sunday night’s Halloween episode, Simpsons writer Carolyn Omine stated that this year’s Treehouse of Horror would contain a bunch of Easter eggs. Viewers loved the Tokyo version of Krusty Burger and Duff Beer, but they also loved the third installment of the episode, called “Simpsons World,” which was a parody of Westworld.

How to Watch The Simpsons’ Death Note Parody

The Simpsons air Sundays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

The Simpsons debuted its fullest take on anime with a full Death Note parody with the newest Treehouse of Horror special for the Halloween holiday, and the episode surprised with its number of hilariously brutal kills!

Season 34 of the long-running animated series previously debuted a full Halloween special inspired by Stephen King’s IT, but that was far from the only new Horror special fans would be treated to this time around. Not only that, but the latest Treehouse of Horror actually went full anime with a parody taking on Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s massively popular manga franchise.

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Titled “Death Tome,” the Treehouse of Horror XXXIII special not only looked remarkably different from the rest of the series (thanks to some animation help from the same studio that helped out with Death Note’s anime, DR Movie), but it also featured the most kills in the special overall.

As like its namesake, Lisa Simpson ends up with the “Death Tome” and decides to clean house at a corporation that’s destroying the planet. But due to this Death Tome’s rules, Lisa had to get…creative with how she did things. Check it out below:

The Simpsons’ 33Rd Treehouse Of Horror Episode Aired Sunday Night And Featured An Anime Version Of The Classic Cartoon’s Beloved Characters.

The second installment, titled “Death Tome,” was a parody of the Japanese manga series Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, about a high schooler who comes into possession of a mystical notebook that gives him the power to kill anybody whose name he enters in it. In the Simpsons version, it’s Lisa who goes on a killing spree, as the studious middle child of the family comes up with multiple, creative ways to kill off Mr. Burns and the employees of his corporation Globo-Warm who have plans to melt the polar ice cap.

Ultimately, Lisa’s string of murders is exposed by Bart, or El Barto, who found out about her “justice spree” by reading her diary. And just when Lisa almost wrote her own brother’s name in the Death Tome, she realized she had been corrupted.

Viewers absolutely loved the anime version of the show’s iconic characters and took to Twitter asking if an entire anime-style series could be made.

The Simpsons' Gets An Anime Makeover In 'Death Note' Parody Episode

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Where To Watch Horror Special

For those who were unable to catch the new Treehouse of Horror special as it aired with FOX, you can find the episode streaming with Hulu as soon as tomorrow when it becomes available. You can find the 33 other seasons of The Simpsons now streaming with Disney+ and can find Death Note’s anime on Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu, Peacock, and many more services.

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