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Hugh Jackman’s ‘The Son’: Release, Cast, Trailer, and More

Nobody would dare to discount the importance of a strong family unit. Our lives may be profoundly affected by the quality of our family ties, whether loving and supportive or fraught with conflict and isolation.

Many significant works of literature and theater have focused on families and family relations for decades, if not centuries. There are many other types of high-concept concepts that authors may utilize, but even the finest of them know that the bond between a kid and their parents is more potent than any other type of love, including romantic love. The characters’ viewpoints toward one another can be tested, altered, or reinforced as the tale progresses.

A hauntingly terrible drama because of its likeness to real-life events that grows progressively without any analgesics, The Son is comparable to its predecessor in being honest, universal, and gut-wrenching in its representation of human emotions. 

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Every character in “The Son” makes an honest effort to help Nicholas, but no one seems to understand what he needs or is capable of, making the film feel like a plea for help. Because of this lack of clarity, there is a palpable sense of foreboding throughout The Son. You know something terrible is about to happen as if a disaster were inevitable. In The Son, life serves as the primary nemesis. The protagonist struggles against an overwhelming sense of impending doom as they try and fail to comprehend their children, their emotions, and the appropriate course of action they should take in response.

What Exactly Happens in “The Son?” 

Peter (Hugh Jackman), Kate (Laura Dern), and their troublesome adolescent son Nicholas (Nicholas Cage) are all separated in this drama titled “The Son” (Zen McGrath). Peter is a successful New York lawyer who recently remarried, had a baby boy and is ready to launch a political consultancy that might get him a job in the White House. But his ex-wife approaches him to tell him that their 17-year-old son is very depressed, failing to attend school and begging him to let him live with him temporarily.

Since Peter is a parent, he realizes he can’t dishonorably reject him, and since Beth (Vanessa Kirby) is his new wife, she can’t dishonorably reject him either. Peter neglects Nicholas in the present because he is preoccupied with rectifying his father’s mistakes (Anthony Hopkins) and his own and Beth’s busy activities in the past. Hugh Jackman does a fantastic job taking on the role of Peter, a man obsessed with his performance technique. The professional who works long hours and seldom comes home really wants to be a good parent, but he appears to know or suspect, deep down, that he is failing, just as his father did.
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Ahead of its official unveiling on The Sony Picture Classics YouTube channel on August 30th, the film’s trailer was tweeted out by the film’s star, who successfully built up interest in its release.

The pleasant and lighthearted memories recounted in the flashbacks stand in stark contrast to the dire circumstances the people currently find themselves in. Dern’s acting skills are also on show as she convincingly portrays a character suffering from remorse. At the end of the trailer, Peter insists that everything is fine at home while simultaneously yelling in frustration at being blamed for Nicholas’s suffering, hurling the familiar question, “Haven’t I always done everything for you?” at his parents, who refuse to admit their flaws in their haste to reinvent their life, regardless of the impact on their children.

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Who Else Is in “The Son’s” Cast? 

The Father-related picture has a superb ensemble cast. Hugh Jackman, also an A-lister, has been cast as Peter. Vanessa Kirby plays Peter’s current partner, Beth, while Laura Dern plays his ex-wife, Kate. Zen McGrath, a relative unknown, plays Nicholas, a co-star in the film with the protagonist character. Anthony Hopkins, who won Best Actor at the 2020 Academy Awards with Zeller in their last movie “The Father”, completes the main cast of “The Son”.

When Will “The Son” Be Released? 

The Son was initially intended to have a limited theatrical release on November 11th, 2022, after its premieres at the Venice Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival on September 7th and September 13th, respectively. The film’s restricted release date was eventually pushed back to November 25th, 2022, where it would be shown for one week in Los Angeles and New York. The film will not be released in theatres until January 20, 2023.

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Where Can You See “The Son”?

We know The Son will have a limited theatrical release on November 25 and a general release on January 20, but it may also be made available via other streaming sites. This will likely be verified when the film has completed its run in theatres.