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Who Really Was Marilyn Monroe’s Father?

After much anticipation, Blonde is finally released on Netflix. One of its biggest mysteries is the identity of Marily Monroe’s father.The blonde starring Ana de Armas as Norma Jean Mortensen (better known as Marilyn Monroe) was written by Andrew Dominick and Directed and based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, which fictionalizes many aspects of Monroe’s inner life.

Charles Stanley Gifford, Marilyn Monroe's Biological Father, dies at 66

Marilyn Monroe’s father was absent in the movie  Blonde. The actress’s parents are treated as a secret to be kept secret, except for a picture that hangs in her mother Gladys’ room.
Marilyn Monroe’s absence of her father colors her entire life experience, often leading other men to find her father figure, and two of her husbands (former athlete Joe DiMaggio and the playwright). Writer Arthur Miller) was even referred to as “Daddy”. name. instead of their name.
Blonde suggests that much of her life experience with Norma Jean was influenced by her never knowing her father. Despite looking for him, Norma Jeane has only one photo and his name has never been mentioned.

So who is Marilyn Monroe’s father?

In Blonde, Marilyn Monroe’s father is believed to be an actor, and Gladys is said to have said the same thing to her daughter in real life. Monroe’s biological father was Charles Stanley Gifford, a former colleague of Gladys’s days as film editor at RKO Pictures. finished before.

As with Blonde’s account of events, no one really knew the true identity of the actress’ father. It is speculated that it was not the Martin Mortensen listed. It wasn’t until 2022 that Charles Stanley Gifford was confirmed to be Marilyn Monroe’s biological father.

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Did Marilyn Monroe Ever Learn Her Father’s Identity?

Blonde suggests that Marilyn Monroe was unaware of her father’s identity. According to Marilyn Monroe, who wrote the story, she never heard her biological father’s voice. and lied about his mother. Marilyn Monroe wrote in her autobiography that she eventually learned the identity of her father and that he lived in the same apartment as her mother before she was born.

Marilyn Monroe: Monroe tracked down his father in 1952, ten years before his death, according to Charles Casillo’s book “Private Life of a Public Icon”. The book argues that Charles Stanley Gifford is not happy to see her, that he has nothing to say to Marilyn Monroe, and that she should call his lawyer. Marilyn Monroe’s relationship with her absent father was traumatic for the blonde and affected her real life as well. The mystery has finally been solved.

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Who were Marilyn’s parents?

According to biography, Marilyn, whose real name was Norma Jean, was born on June 1, 1926 to 26-year-old Gladys Baker. Although her Marilyn was placed in her foster home just two weeks after her birth, Gladys has visited her over the years. She also tried to gain full-time custody of her daughter, but she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and suffered from symptoms of mental illness, she said in her biography.

What did Gladys tell Marilyn about her father?

At one point, Gladys told Marilyn that her father was one of her colleagues (and her boss) at RKO Studios. Gladys said she became pregnant while working for Charles. Gladys reportedly showed Marilyn a framed photo of the man and told him he was her father, according to The Sun. Gladys’ ex-husband, Martin Edward Mortensen, is listed as Marilyn’s father on Marilyn’s birth certificate, according to Cinemaholic and Marca, but the schedule of Mortensen’s breakup with Gladys is likely due to Marilyn being the father of the child.

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Who was Charles Stanley Gifford?

Charles Stanley Gifford was born in Newport, Rhode Island in 1898, according to He died in California in 1965. According to Wikitree, apart from Marilyn, Charles had two children with his wife. His wife he married in 1919 and later divorced. He worked as a supervisor at RKO Studios, according to Vanity Fair, and Marilyn wrote in her own book that he lived in the same apartment as her.

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