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Fox News Besmirching Joe Biden And People With Addiction And It Backfired

On Monday, October 10, Fox News aired an uncensored voicemail from Joe Biden without a disclaimer from Sean Hannity. This has stunned the audience, who were misusing Hunter Biden’s history of drug abuse. 

In the audio, Joe Biden informs his son Hunter Biden of the following. 

“It’s Father. I called to express my love for you. I adore you more than the entire universe. You gotta get some help. I’m sure you don’t know what to do either. Regardless of your needs, I’m available. Regardless of your needs. I love you.” 

This appears to be a loving father-son relationship, but the dilemma created is, “I’m here no matter what you need. Regardless of your needs.” 

After listening to the audio, Hannity felt compassion, but not for the Bidens. He associated the audio with the time when Hunter Biden was involved with the handgun purchase application. 

Later, in his book “Beautiful Things,” Hunter Biden discussed his “deep descent” into addiction, the death of his brother Beau, and his depression. 

Without regard for others’ feelings, however, Hannity accused the survivor of drug use and deemed him unreliable for the truth. As substance abuse is a pervasive issue in a society where the majority of people are struggling, hatred towards Hannity has been diminished