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Are 90 Day Fiancé Couples Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev Still Dating?

Many people are curious about Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev this year because of their rocky relationship history. Through this article, you can find whether the couples are still together or not.

Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev

Who is Darcey Silva?

Darcey Silva is an American fashion designer, actor, and TV host. She became famous thanks to her appearances on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days and Darcey & Stacey, both on TLC. Silva and her ex-husband raised two daughters, Aniko and Aspen. Aniko, her daughter, entered the Miss Connecticut Teen USA pageant in 2021. Silva and Georgi Rusev, a fitness model and masseur from Bulgaria, became engaged in June of that year. On October 14, 2020, the pair confirmed their engagement in an exclusive People magazine interview and picture shoot. Silva announced she and Rusev had broken off their engagement on February 28th, 2022.

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Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev

Are Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev still together?

For the second time, Darcey and Georgi have broken up. In an interview with ET, Darcey said that she and Georgi had broken off their second engagement. Darcey, 48, tells PEOPLE exclusively that she and ex-boyfriends Jesse Meester and Georgi Rusev “are in the past for a reason” before the start of Darcey & Stacey’s fourth season.

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How long has Darcey Silva been dating Georgi Rusev?

Darcey and her ex-boyfriend Jesse Meester first appeared together in the series’ first season, titled 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. As shown in Season 2, their split was extremely dramatic. On the third season of Before the 90 Days, Darcey returned with a new long-distance boyfriend named Tom Brooks. Sadly, they, too, had a romance that didn’t last very long. Their bitter breakup was depicted in Season 4.

Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev

The spin-off starring Darcey and her identical twin sister Stacey Silva, titled Darcey & Stacey, premiered in August 2020. Darcey had moved on from her relationship with Tom and had begun talking to Georgi over the internet. In the past, Georgi worked as a massage therapist in Virginia. Approximately ten years ago, he uprooted his life in his native Bulgaria and settled in America.

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When did Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev become engaged?

Despite their issues, after dating for four months in June 2020, Georgi proposed to Darcey, and she accepted. This was confirmed by In Touch in 2020’s October issue. In the season finale, the couple announced their engagement. However, the couple’s engagement did nothing to fix their strained relationship. His separation from Octavia was resolved by the time Georgi and Darcey returned for the second season. Despite Georgi’s newly acquired legal right to wed Darcey, the couple showed little urgency to tie the knot.

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