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Who is Bobbi Althoff Husband: A Closer Look at Her Marriage Life!

Even though he is not as well-known, Bobbi Althoff’s spouse has had a significant role in her life. Even though not much information about him is reported to the public, he clearly had a big part in helping Bobbi succeed and reach her goals.

Regardless of his inclination towards a private life or his decision to operate in the background, Bobbi’s spouse continues to be an invaluable source of strength and encouragement for her both personally and professionally.

His contributions to their relationship and family dynamics are priceless, despite his lack of public recognition, which emphasizes how crucial his presence was in Bobbi Althoff’s life.

Bobbi Althoff Husband

Cory Althoff, Bobbi’s husband, has decided to end their marriage. He has filed for the well-known podcaster’s divorce. Court records that ET was able to obtain state that Cory filed for a dissolution of marriage in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Wednesday.

Cory cites irreconcilable differences as his reason for wanting to leave the marriage. In addition, he indicated that they would separate on July 4, 2023.

In response to the news, Bobbi said on Instagram on Wednesday night, “As most of you have heard, Cory and I have filed for divorce.”

“As sad as I am right now, I am so thankful for the time I got to be his wife. Our girls are so lucky to have him as a father & I am so lucky to be able to co-parent with such an incredible father and person,” she continued, alongside a black and white photo of herself and Cory standing beside a river. “While our relationship did not work out as husband and wife, we will always be friends, and I will always love him.”

Cory said in his court filings that Bobbi relocated to West Los Angeles, but he remained at the family’s Laguna Beach, California, house. ET has contacted the divorced couple’s attorneys for a response.

Although not much is known about Cory, Bobbi gained notoriety last year as the host of The Really Good Podcast, where she interviews celebrities in an intentionally embarrassing manner. Most famously, Bobbi flew out to see Drake in Canada last summer and interviewed with him in his bedroom.

Throughout the interview, Bobbi maintained her signature expression of indifference, crossing her arms and sporting a severe expression while speaking with the “Hotline Bling” artist.

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Who Is Cory Althoff?

After graduating from Clemson University with a degree in political science, Cory Althoff, an executive and author known for books like “The Self-Taught Programmer” and “The Self-Taught Computer Scientist,” began his programming career.

He began as a self-taught coder and worked his way up to become an eBay software engineer. His writings have been translated into eight different languages and have been featured in prestigious magazines such as Forbes and CNBC.

Cory is currently a senior vice president at CompTIA, a well-known provider of IT certifications to the technology sector and its labor force.
The pair connected using the dating app Bumble. Their two girls were born in June 2022 and December 2019.

Cory is requesting joint physical and legal custody of their two kids, Luca, age three, and Isla, age one, according to the docs that TMZ was able to get. Additionally, it is said that Cory chose to prevent the court from granting either party spousal support.

Bobbi Althoff’s Career

In 2021, Althoff began providing content on TikTok, primarily updates about her pregnancy. She danced with a banana in her debut TikTok, which received close to two million views.

She started a new TikTok account in 2023 and shares humorous videos there. Althoff revealed in February of that year that a pilot for her next podcast had been filmed. The Really Good Podcast made its premiere in April of 2023.

Althoff interviewed rapper Drake for a July 2023 episode of The Really Good Podcast. On TikTok, snippets of the interview went viral. August saw the removal of the entire interview from Althoff’s YouTube account, which led to speculations of a falling out.

On her podcast, Althoff has conducted interviews with a number of other celebrities, including Bobby Lee, Rick Glassman, Shaquille O’Neal, Lil Yachty, and Mark Cuban.

She interviewed Drake on her podcast’s second episode, among other highlights of her quick climb to stardom, which has led some to accuse her of being an industry plant.

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