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Roger Goodell Wife: A Glimpse into the Personal Life of His Better Half!

The National Football League (NFL) commissioner, Roger Goodell, is a well-known personality, but not much is known about his personal life, including his marriage. Details regarding Mrs. Goodell are still largely confidential despite his notoriety in the public eye.

Being the wife of one of the biggest names in American sports, Mrs. Goodell indeed contributes behind the scenes in a supportive and maybe significant way. Even if her identity and actions may not be well known, she undoubtedly influences Roger Goodell’s life and profession and adds mystery to the NFL’s top executive’s personal life.

Roger Goodell Wife

Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, is married to Jane Skinner, his lifelong companion. Jane has been a well-known news anchor for Fox News and a journalist. Her career as a news broadcaster has been successful.

After completing his studies at Northwestern University, Skinner—who grew up in Illinois—they were decided to pursue a career in news broadcasting. Her most well-known role was as host of “Happening Now” on Fox News.

Throughout her career, she has collaborated with several notable news broadcasting organizations. But on June 24, 2010, Skinner declared her retirement. Currently, she is wed to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and the two of them have a lovely home.

Who is Jane Skinner?

The former daytime news anchor for Fox News, where she co-hosts Happening Now with Jon Scott from 11 AM to 1 PM ET, is married to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Illinois is where Jane was born and reared. Sam Skinner, her father, served as George W. Bush’s White House Chief of Staff in the past. In addition, he served as Transportation Secretary. Skinner is not quite active across social media platforms.

As a political correspondent and news anchor, Jane had a lengthy career. She began her journalism career at KBJR and then became a general correspondent at Fox News. Later on, she started hosting shows, including Sunday Best and Skinnerville.

On June 24, 2010, Jane announced her decision to retire live on-air, citing a desire to spend more time with her family. She has accompanied her husband on most of his NFL travels since then.

Although neither of their children desired to pursue a career in politics, both Roger’s and Jane’s fathers have a history in the field. Roger spent his whole career working for the NFL. In 2006, he succeeded Paul Tagliabue as commissioner.

Football has always piqued Jane’s curiosity. For her efforts to advance women’s equality, she was given the 2017 Mid-Life Bachelor Women of the Month award.

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Where did Roger Goodell and Jane Skinner meet?

In the late 1990s, Roger Goodell and James Skinner first became acquainted with one another, and they would finally marry the wedding in September 1997. Since that time, the couple had been together every day.

The Goodells are a happy family. Roger Goodell has a great deal of respect for his partner’s professional work, much as James Skinner does with his professional endeavors. In the face of criticism, she has defended both her husband and the National Football League on several occasions.

Where did Roger Goodell and Jane Skinner meet?
Where did Roger Goodell and Jane Skinner meet?

How Many Kids Do Roger Goodell and Jane Skinner Have?

Jane Skinner and Roger Goodell are the happy parents of two twins. Four years after their 1997 marriage, they brought their gorgeous kids back in 2001. The Goodell family has not shared many details about their children or their private lives with the public.

Skinner disclosed that their twin girls are quite athletic in a 2016 interview with USA Today. “They play both team and individual sports: lacrosse, soccer, tennis, and track. They’ve been on both winning and losing teams,” she said.

What Does Jane Skinner Do for a Living?

Viewers will never forget renowned journalist and veteran daytime news anchor Jane Skinner for co-hosting the acclaimed Happening Now show on the Fox News network.

In addition to the esteemed platform upon which she established her career and fan base over an extended period, Skinner’s portfolio showcases noteworthy accomplishments in multiple other journalistic domains.

In a way that audiences had never seen before, Skinner made a comeback in 2021 to assist in supervising the filming of the moving documentary “A Lifetime of Sundays,” enabling her career to carry on having a positive influence on others.

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