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Who Is Rose Costa dating right now? Explore Her Past Relationships!

When Brazilian model Rose Costa started dating actor James Marsden, it put her in a situation where she could end up in a love triangle. Because she has a son with the famous actor James Marsden, Costa has become more well-known. But she has also done well independently, especially in the modeling business. But it is of great concern of the fans of the model regarding her romantic relationship status. Who is her boyfriend at the moment? We can find it through the reading the article below.

Rose Costa

Who is Rose Costa?

The beautiful Brazilian, Rose Costa is also a business owner. Rose used to be a model. Costa moved to the US to work as a model. In 2006, she got a contract with Ford Models, a modeling agency in New York. She has also made two movies, for which she has a list of credits. First, Costa was in charge of casting for the movie Estomago: A Gastronomic Story, which came out in 2007. She worked as a production coordinator on the movie “Luz” years later. In 2010, the short drama came out. Costa’s varied career has allowed her to use her skills as an entrepreneur. She helped start an online store called L’Faroe that sells high-end clothes. They believe in giving customers unique, high-quality, and vintage items.

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Rose Costa

Who does Rose Costa now date?

According to her Instagram account, Costa and her mysterious boyfriend have been together for long time. She has shared a few photos with her new boyfriend on social media, but she hasn’t said what his name is yet. In January 2019, for his birthday, Rose posted a picture of herself with a guy no one knew. In the picture, she wrote,

Happy bday to my BFF !! You’re so lovely, kind, genuine, best friend anyone could ask. I’m so lucky to have you in my life!🥰🎈

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Rose Costa Dating History

Before she started going out with Marsden, Costa was with another actor named Chris Santos. He was said to be very upset when he heard that Costa was having a baby with someone else. Costa and Santos were together for two years and even moved in together before she left for New York to become a model.

Rose Costa

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