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Is Gwen Shamblin’s Husband David Shamblin Still Alive? Here Is All You Need To Know

The question “Is David Shamblin Still Alive” has been the subject of much speculation in recent years. David Shamblin is an elusive figure whose existence has become shrouded in mystery. His identity and whereabouts have been a source of great curiosity for many, as his story remains largely untold. While there is no definitive answer to this question, this article will explore what little information is available about David Shamblin and discuss the various theories surrounding his possible fate.

Who is David Shamblin?

David Shamblin is a relatively unknown figure best known as the deceased Gwen Shamblin’s first husband. Gwen is the founder of the Remnant Fellowship Church and author of The Weigh Down Diet. David is a member of the Remnant Fellowship Church, just like his ex-wife. Together with Gwen, he founded the Weigh Down Workshop for the Remnant Christians.

Gwen founded the Legacy Friendship Group in 1998 as a supplement to the Weigh Down Diet. David attended the same church as his ex-girlfriend, Legacy Friendship Church. Together with Gwen, he founded Weigh Down Studio for Legacy Believers.

A Bible study program that “taught wounded, trapped spirits how to abandon harmful character flaws and unpleasant behavioral and emotional traits, such as gluttony, alcoholism, rage, and melancholy.”

David Shamblin was the former CEO of the company. David penned his obituary after Gwen and her husband Joe were “presumed dead” after their plane crashed into Percy Bishop Lake near Oxford, Tennessee. The Cessna flying from Smyrna Rutherford County Airfield to Palm Springs International Airport collapsed, killing six more passengers.

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Is David Shamblin Still Alive?


Yes, David is still alive. David Shamblin is currently in the spotlight due to the death of his wife. However, he is still a relatively unknown individual who is primarily recognized as Gwen Shamblin’s ex-husband. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding David Shamblin’s current activities and 2022 residence.

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When Did Gwen And David Shamblin Get Married?

The couple was married from 1978 to 2018. The precise details of their ceremony are unknown. After their separation, Gwen married American actor Joe Lara. After a plane crash in Tennessee, Lara, who played Tarzan in the television series Tarzan: The Epic Adventures, is also presumed dead.

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Gwen And David, Do They Have Children?

David has two children with Gwen and seven grandchildren from Michael Shamblin and Elizabeth Hannah, their two children. Elizabeth, daughter of Gwen, reportedly sent a text message to Remnant church members requesting prayers after the crash. She allegedly stated that the plane needed to descend “for a controlled, rapid landing.”

Hannah reported that the rest of her stepfather’s family, including her husband Brandon, were on the plane with other church leaders. Michael Shamblin, the other child of Gwen, and his wife Erin have four children.

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