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HBO Max’s “A Christmas Mystery” premieres Nov. 25

A Christmas Mystery is the latest addition to the list of holiday movies coming to HBO Max in November. Every town has something special that makes it unique. In Pleasant Bay, Oregon, it’s the magical jingle bells that bring joy every holiday season. 

And in the same way, every town has its own group of people who don’t believe, but there are also some people who count on chaos to get rid of society’s order and calm. This Christmas in Pleasant Bay, it’s up to the kids to bring back the holiday spirit and bring Christmas back.

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The film, directed by Alex Ranarivelo and starring Violet McGraw, Oscar Nunez, Santino Barnard, Eddie Cibrian, Lauren Lindsey Donzis, and others, follows Violet as she follows in her father’s footsteps as a detective in order to aid a friend in need. 

The father of her closest friend has been wrongly accused of stealing the magical jingle bells, and now she and her pals must work together to exonerate him and track down the real thief before it’s too late. From the large pool of potential perpetrators, they are able to zero in on three: the Mayor, Glenn (the museum guy), and Kenny’s dad (at whose doorstep they discovered the evidence). 

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Who do you suppose committed the act, then? Should we have believed that it was Kenny’s dad? Can Violet fix things for her pal and salvage the holiday for the town?