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The Muppet Christmas Carol returns to UK theatres

Digital Spy readers named The Muppet Christmas Carol the finest Christmas film of all time, and it’s coming back to theatres in the UK next month so you and a whole bunch of random people can join in on the “we’re Marley and Marley… ooooooooooooh” chorus. 

The aforementioned is only the beginning, though. The song “When Love is Gone,” which has been notoriously removed, added, and removed again from many re-releases over the years, is included in this new 4K print.

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It wasn’t included in the original theatrical release, although it was included in various VHS, LaserDisc, and non-widescreen early DVD editions. Belle sings the song in the flashback as she realizes it’s over for her and young Ebenezer Scrooge. 

Since the sequence’s negative was presumed destroyed during the film’s remastering process for HD and beyond, we could only settle with aa Lower-quality version of the moment as an additional feature. 

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However, starting December 2, you may watch the moment in theatres across the United Kingdom thanks to its restoration and re-insertion into the film. 

It plays at Vue from December 2-8, at Cineworld from December 9-15, and then again from December 22-29. However, the film is also being shown at several independent theatres.

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