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Why Was Travis Scott Arrested In 2015 & 2018? See His Apology Video On The Tragic Events!

Travis Scott, a famous American hip-hop artist, was recently arrested on August 18th in Arkansas. Many fans of the artist are asking why this arrest took place. This article seeks to answer the questions surrounding Travis Scott’s arrest. By examining the legal circumstances of the event and considering statements from those involved, we can gain insight into the motivations behind his detainment. We will also explore the implications of this event on Travis Scott’s career and fans.

Why Was Travis Scott Arrested In 2015 & 2018?

Image Source: Consequences of Sound

Travis Scott, the performer at the deadly Astroworld festival in Houston, was arrested in 2015 and 2017, accused of inviting fans to bypass security and rush the stage at a show in Arkansas.

In 2015, Travis was charged with disorderly conduct at Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago. The Office of Emergency Management said: “The performer played one song and then began telling fans to come over the barricades. The performer fled the scene and was taken into custody shortly. “

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In the documentary, crowds get out of control at Scott’s first Astroworld Festival in 2018. While waiting to get in, fans are seen chanting and banging on the gates. Security laugh as they plug their ears, cross, and join arms for protection. Concert-goers then burst through the barricades, pushing fences over to get to the festival.

Chicago officials said at the time that Scott had encouraged fans to bypass security barriers, but no injuries were reported, according to the AP.

In the Arkansas incident, a security guard, a police officer, and several other people suffered injuries, the news service reported. Before Friday’s Astroworld show – where a crowd surge led to at least eight deaths – a previous Scott show at Astroworld in Houston in 2019 resulted in several injuries.

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How Many Times Has Travis Scott Been Arrested?

Travis has been arrested twice for provoking his audience to rush the stage in defiance of security measures. The 30-year-old musician pleaded guilty to public disorder charges at concerts in 2015 and 2018. His own Netflix documentary Look Mom I Can Fly shows Travis whipping his fans into a frenzy and urging them to push past security at his shows. The film captures one of his arrests during the Birdseye View tour at the Walmart Music Pavilion in Rogers, Arkansas.

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Travis Scott Repents: See His Apology Video

Following Friday night’s tragic events, Travis Scott posted an apology video on his Instagram Story addressing what happened.

“I just want to send out prayers to those lost last night. He said we’re working right now to identify the families to help them through these challenging times. You know my fans, my fans mean the world to me, and I always just want to leave them with a positive experience.”

The rapper continued: “Any time I can make out anything that’s going on, I stop the show and help them get the help they need. I could just never imagine the severity of the situation.”

He also said he was working “closely” with the police and fire department and told fans who “have any information” to contact the local authorities.

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Legal Troubles Plaguing He After Astroworld 2021

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He was not arrested after Astroworld 2021, but the rapper is being sued over the events. As reported by the BBC, the lawsuits allege that he “incited the crowd” and that the concert producer Live Nation “failed to provide adequate safety measures.”

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Houston-based lawyer Tony Buzbee announced on Monday (November 8th) that his firm was filing a lawsuit over the “gross negligence” of the concert. He is also reportedly seeking a temporary restraining order that would make it mandatory for Travis and anyone else in the lawsuit to preserve evidence, including texts and emails about the event.

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The lawsuits have been filed by Tony on behalf of 35 different plaintiffs, including families of the victims and people who attended the concert. Drake, who Travis Scott brought on stage to perform one song with him, is also sued in the lawsuits.

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