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Rapper Rich Boy jailed for two domestic violence charges of third degree

According to, Rich Boy is set to throw something besides D’s after being booked and imprisoned on two third-degree domestic violence charges, one of which alleges explicitly harassment and the other assault.

The article claims that there is a viral video of the rapper acting erratically during a confrontation that is making the rounds online. It is weird… when you rise [people] be quiet as a mouse,” Elric Jerel Simon, better known by his stage name Rellik, raps.

“But if I detect any indication that you are feeling low or at a distant location, your name will ring like a bell tower. To my brother Rich, with love and prayers. He checked in on Sunday and is still there.

According to sources, Rich Boy was taken into custody in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama, on two counts of third-degree domestic abuse. Public documents show that the rapper, whose real name is Marece Richards, was arrested on Friday, September 30, and was still detained as of Tuesday, October 2. He faces charges of harassment and violence.

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The 39-year-old was involved in a physical altercation with his parents, according to NBC 15 News, which provided additional context for the event. According to rumors, the rapper behind “Throw Some D’s” has been suffering from mental health issues ever since a video of him carrying loppers (a tool used to prune trees) in a shirtless argument went viral online.

I hope he gets the care he needs,” one local fan told There is no fun about this situation at all. Rich Boy has been arrested before.

According to sources, he and his brother, Irvin Richards Jr., pled guilty to attempted assault after an accountant was shot while sitting in a Cadillac they were driving. While Irvin was sentenced to 10 years in prison, the rapper only got probation.

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However, the judgment did follow the rapper for some years as he went back and forth with the courts to secure the compensatory damages he owed, which did not slow down his ascent to stardom with 2006’s “Throw Some D’s” or 2007’s self-titled debut album.

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