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Rapper Kodak Black Was Arrested In Florida On Drug Charges

When the rapper was pulled over in Fort Lauderdale on Friday, the police searched his car. They said they found dozens of oxycodone pills and $75,000 in cash.

The police said that on Friday, Kodak Black was arrested in South Florida on felony drug charges. Black, who is 25 years old, has had a lot of trouble with the law. On his last day in office last year, President Donald J. Trump commuted Black’s sentence because he was in prison on weapons charges.

At about 4:30 p.m., Florida Highway Patrol troopers saw Black driving in Fort Lauderdale in a purple Dodge Durango with tinted windows that looked darker than what the law allowed.

The troopers checked and saw that the car’s registration had already run out. The Highway Patrol said in a statement that when they pulled Black over, they noticed “a strong odor of marijuana” coming from inside the car. The Highway Patrol said that when the troopers searched the car, they found 31 oxycodone pills and almost $75,000 in cash in a clear bag.

Black, whose real name is Bill Kapri, was taken to the Broward County jail in Fort Lauderdale after being arrested. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office said that he was freed on a $75,000 bond on Saturday.

The Broward County Clerk’s Office says that Black was charged with one count of trafficking oxycodone and one count of having a controlled substance. Court papers show that he pleaded not guilty and asked for a trial by a jury.

Black’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, said on Twitter that there were “always more facts and circumstances that make a defense possible, especially in this case.” Cohen didn’t answer right away when asked for his opinion.

_Kodak Black
_Kodak Black

Sunday, Black’s lawyers asked to “inspect, weigh, and test independently” the pills that the police said are oxycodone pills.

Black is from Pompano Beach, Florida. In December 2018, his album “Dying to Live” was at the top of the Billboard album charts. But his career has been hurt by the fact that he has been charged with drug possession, sexual assault, robbery, and other crimes over the years. Early on Monday morning, he posted his mugshot to Instagram with the caption “Not Again.”

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Black pleaded guilty to federal weapons charges in 2019. He admitted that earlier that year when he bought guns, he lied on background check forms. Two of the guns were later found at crime scenes, the prosecutors said.

When Trump commuted Black’s sentence in the last hours of his presidency, he had already served about half of his 46-month sentence.

Black put out a song called “Last Day In” soon after he got out of prison. In it, he talked about his hopes for the future: “This is my first day out of the joint, so that’s my last day in.”

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