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Who Was Dodi Fayed Dating Before Diana? Here is all you need to know

The Crown season 5 shows the relationship between Diana and the Egyptian billionaire, and viewers are curious about who Dodi Fayed dated before Diana.

It’s safe to assume that royal fans are very buzzed and excited about the Netflix release of The Crown season 5 this November. We observe the relationship between Diana and Charles continuing to deteriorate after the events of season 4. Of course, season 5 includes the encounter between Dodi Al Fayed and Diana.

Diana’s weakening relationship with Prince Charles finally ends in divorce in season five of The Crown, making it a crucial season for her.

Along the journey, the new season also introduces Diana to Dodi Fayed, her lover and a fellow passenger in the automobile on the night of the tragic car collision that claimed both of their lives. Dodi is a crucial figure in Diana’s life who she gets to know along the road.

Introducing Dodi Fayed In The Crown!!

The actions of Queen Elizabeth II or other royal family members are not the primary focus of the third episode of The Crown’s fifth season, which is a change from the majority of the show.

The episode instead centers on Egyptian entrepreneur Mohamed Al Fayed and charts his rise from a meager street vendor to a recognized millionaire and the proprietor of Harrods.

Dodi Al Fayed, who achieved fame as a movie producer and whose 1981 picture Chariots of Fire later won Best Picture at the Oscars, is also a character in Al Fayed’s story.

Mohamed Al Fayed funded the Royal Windsor Horse Show to meet the Queen, where the episode’s closing scenes are set.

Diana took the monarch’s place next to Al Fayed, and the two of them made fun of his nickname, Mou Mou.

Diana meets Dodi Fayed for the first time in the humorous scenario.

As Diana and the Fayed watch on, the Queen and Princess Margaret comment that the two are a marriage made in heaven, which is ominous considering Diana and Dodi’s impending fate.

Who Did Dodi Fayed Date Before Diana?

In episode 10, Dodi Fayed reappears, but he isn’t dating Diana yet.

Instead, we show him having a romantic relationship with American actress and model Kelly Fisher, whom Dodi first introduced to his father before teaching her some lines on the plane.

According to Kelly, she and Dodi had been dating for two years, lived together in Malibu, California, and were engaged to be married. This indicated that their relationship was serious.

Dodi Fayed’s first marriage to model Suzanne Gregard, which ended in divorce, was the most notable of his love partnerships before he became engaged to Kelly Fisher.

However, after marriage in 1986, their union crumbled after only eight months.

What Happened To Kelly Fisher?

Diana stayed with Mohamed Al Fayed throughout the summer of 1997, and they developed a romantic relationship while away.

Kelly discovered the relationship, according to GoodTo accounts, while vacationing on one of the family’s yachts in St. Tropez in the south of France.

She asserted that Dodi ended their relationship over the phone, during a taped call, and eventually played during Diana’s death inquiry in 2007.

Today, Kelly Fisher is married to a pilot, and they have a daughter.

On Wednesday, November 9, 2022, Netflix will begin streaming Season 5 of The Crown.

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