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Who Is Rachael Price Dating? Here Is All You Need To Know About Her Romantic Life

With her soulful voice and unique musicianship, Rachael Price has captivated audiences for years. Recently, fans have been speculating if the renowned jazz singer is dating someone special. This article seeks to answer that question by examining the evidence of whether or not Rachael Price is currently in a relationship. We will look at various reports and interviews to determine what is known about this subject.

About Rachael Price

Rachael Price

Rachael Price is an American vocalist of jazz and blues. She is well-known as the main singer of Lake Street Dive. She is the daughter of songwriter, conductor, composer, and music director Tom Price. John Shelton, her grandpa, was a renowned Hollywood actor. Her great-grandfather is the Seventh-day Adventist leader George McCready Price. At nine, she was born into a musical family and began performing with her sisters, Emily and Juliette, in The Voices of Bahá choir. She began performing as a soloist at the age of 12. Her professional experience spans more than 18 years.

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Who Is Rachael Price Dating?

Rachael has been married to her long-term companion Taylor Ashton, even though many fans ask if she has a significant other. As per PopMatters, Rachael Price has been married to Taylor Ashton since September 2019.

is rachael price dating

Since then, Rachael has shared multiple images of her with Taylor’s social media accounts and some touching family-related postings. The couple appears to be incredibly happy together, and there are no signs of them breaking up soon! Rachael Price and her husband have resorted to social media to post a handful of photographs from their wedding, which appeared to be essential.

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About Rachael Price Husband, Taylor Ashton

Taylor Ashton

Taylor Ashton is a singer-songwriter from Canada. During his early twenties, he was the frontman of the Canadian band Fish & Bird. He afterward relocated to New York. In 2020, his debut album was titled “The Romantic.” He contributed music to the albums of Watkins Family Hour, the Brother Brothers, and others.

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His compositions are influenced by the primitive crookedness of traditional old-time music, the humor and heartache of Randy Newman, the cosmic emotionalism of mid-career Joni Mitchell, and the sage sensitivity of Bill Withers. He finds a method to make all of this work on the clawhammer banjo.

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