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Who Is Tyrus Married Too? All About His Romantic Relationship With Ingrid Rinck

Tyrus is a famous actor and comedian who has gained a large fan base due to his performances in both Hollywood films and television shows. Fans have grown curious as to whether Tyrus is married or single. This article will provide readers with an answer to the question, “Is Tyrus married?” We’ll cover the details of Tyrus’ personal life, such as his marital status, past relationships, and children (if any).

Who is Tyrus Married to Now?

is tyrus married

Tyrus is married to his long-time girlfriend, Ingrid Rinck. Despite Tyrus’s two other children from the previous relationship, the couple is blessed with a daughter. After being identified as the wife of a celebrity, Ingrid Rinck rose to fame. Before it became evident that she was the most crucial lady in his life, little was known about Tyrus’ romantic history.

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About Ingrid Rinck


Ingrid Rinck is an entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast. Her early life and family history are unknown, but it has been established that she was born on April 24, 1981, making her 41 years old. Her father once owned and operated a restaurant, which is the only known fact about her family.

Despite not having a college degree, she has built an outstanding career as a fitness trainer and businesswoman. Ingrid Rinck, the wife of Tyrus, developed Sensible Meals with her father’s assistance and direction. The establishment is a health food store and prepared meal service that provides a selection of fresh, ready-to-eat meals.

She has over 25 years of expertise as a fitness trainer and hundreds of prestigious certifications. So Rinck may not be as well-known as her husband, a professional wrestler and cable news personality, but her career is growing.

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Tyrus Confirmed That He Was Married to Ingrid Rinck in 2020


Eventually, seemingly out of nowhere, it became evident that he and a fitness trainer, finally identified as Ingrid Rinck, were involved in some relationship. While they were frequently spotted in public and quickly moved in together, they remained tight-lipped about their romance. This made it difficult to determine if they were married or not.

In April 2020, the famed wrestler ended the rumors by confirming that he has been married to Rinck for years. Tyrus tweeted that he offered Rinck a formal proposal after being married to her for years, though he did not mention the precise year of their wedding. The ring he presented her with represents her life, favorite color, eyes, business, and the birthstone of their daughter.

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Tyrus Is A Father Of Five Children


Tyrus is the father of his beautiful daughter and wife, Ingrid Ranch. However, the couple shared two children with their former spouses before their pregnancy. She does not mention that Ingrid Ranch had two boys named Rhett and Rock with her ex-husband. Similarly, Trus is currently co-parenting his biological children with his now-divorced ex-lover.

Later, the mother and father, who had been separated, fell in love and began to dwell together. In addition to his two stepsons, Tyrus became the father of five children. As a stepfather, Tyrus loves his stepchildren equally to his children. In 2022, Tyus valued his life, wife, and children.

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