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Who is Pickle in ‘Swamp People’? Find More Details About Her!

“Swamp People,” shown on the History Channel, follows the lives of modern-day Louisianans who are descended from French-Canadian refugees who arrived in the state in the 18th century. Pickle Wheat, aka Cheyenne Wheat, is a fan favorite. In 2021, for the show’s twelfth season, Pickle Wheat was a welcome newcomer to the cast alongside the series regulars. Indeed, but who precisely is Pickle Wheat?

Pickle in 'Swamp People'
Pickle in ‘Swamp People’ ; img src:

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What exactly is Swamp People about?

The alligator trappers profiled in Swamp People are based in several locations across South Louisiana, and their annual season coincides with the film’s title. The vast Atchafalaya Basin, or Atchafalaya Swamp in south-central Louisiana, is the most renowned hunting site. It focuses mainly on the delta region of the Mississippi River in southern Louisiana, home to a particularly delicate and diverse mixture of marshes. Since the gang’s primary source of income is the killing of alligators, they are often referred to as “primal hunters in the contemporary day.”

Pickle in 'Swamp People'
Pickle in ‘Swamp People’; img src:

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Who is Pickle in Swamp People?

For Season 2, Pickle Wheat will be putting her new role as a deckhand to the test with Troy. Her great-grandfather was a pioneering alligator hunter in St. Bernard Parish. Pickle has extensive hunting knowledge thanks to her time spent with her father. She helps at the family business, making duck and turkey calls when she’s not out on the marsh. Wheat, real name Cheyenne Wheat, was born to Eddie and Missie Wheat on Step. 21, 1995, into a family of swampers, and she and her brother were raised in Poydras, Louisiana.

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Her stage name Pickly Wheat has become more popular, although her real name is Cheyenne Wheat. She had previously told Louisiana Sportsman that her dad was the one who came up with the creative name. Wheat has played a significant role in Swamp People and had a banner year of hunting with Troy. She also made co-star Chase Landry interested in her romantically. On Oct. 25, 2020, it was reported that the couple had been dating. It appears, however, that the couple has ended their relationship.

Pickle in 'Swamp People'
Pickle in ‘Swamp People’; img src:

Wheat has subsequently deleted her Instagram profile and all photos that included Landry. She is currently in a relationship with EMT Joshua Kippes. He already has a child from a previous relationship, and he and Wheat revealed their pregnancy in November 2022, making him a father for the second time. Wheat has announced that she is expecting a girl.Wheat works at the family business, Wheats and Custom Calls when she’s not off chasing alligators in the swamp.Her family and brother, James Wheat, manage a gun shop, and you can sometimes find her there producing duck and turkey calls.

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