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Who is Eddie Guerrero? How did he die at a very young age?

At his prime in the 1990s and early 2000s, Eduardo “Eddie” Guerrero was one of WWE’s top draws. Eddie was the son of the famous Mexican-American wrestling Guerrero family, and he began his career in Mexico and Japan before making a move to the United States. On November 13, 2005, Eddie Guerrero, age 38, was found dead in his room at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center. Find the cause of death of the WWE wrestler from this article.

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Who is Eddie Guerrero?

Eduardo Gory Guerrero Llanes is a U.S.-born professional wrestler who was born on October 9, 1967 passed away on November 13, 2005. As the son of legendary wrestler Gory Guerrero, he is a famous member of the Guerrero wrestling family and is sometimes cited as one of the best wrestlers ever.

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How did Eddie Guerrero die?

According to different soruces, Eddie Guerrero died at the young age of 38 from “arteriosclerotic heart disease.” While on the way to the ‘WWE Super ShowDown,’ he was slated to appear on that night’s tapings of ‘Raw’ and ‘Smackdown!’ with his nephew and fellow WWE wrestler, Chavo Guerrero. Unfortunately, Guerrero did not answer the phone or answer the door when the front desk called at 7 a.m. that day.

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After the hotel staff tried calling and repeatedly knocking without response, they broke down the door. Guerrero’s body was discovered on the bathroom floor of his room, face down, with a toothbrush still in his mouth, suggesting that he had passed away while brushing his teeth. Authorities had already determined there was no foul play or suicide involved. It is widely believed that Guerrero’s heart failure is the result of his history of drug and alcohol misuse.

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