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Who will be portraying the role of Terry in Mayor of Kingston?

Although Mike (Jeremy Renner) had just pulled off a tremendous win and gotten Bunny out of prison, the episode “Santa Jesus” (S02E08) of Mayor of Kingstown was one of the least exciting. Allison (Callie Thorne), a new character introduced in this episode, quickly became close to Mike before revealing her dark intentions.

Mike finds Allison lamenting the apparent loss of her partner Terry whom we haven’t seen in the show previously, leaving viewers wondering who he is and what happened to him. Read on to find more about character played and the series.

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Who will be portraying the role of Terry as Mayor of Kingston?

According to HITC, Terry is played by Jeremy Renner, who also plays the character’s brother (and the main protagonist in Mayor Of Kingstown), Mike McClusky. In the eighth episode of Season 2, titled “Santa Jesus,” Terry is mentioned. He is Mike’s younger brother and has a great attachment to his family. Mike runs across Allison several times throughout the episode.

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The pair are both looking to drown their sorrows when Allison admits she is mourning the loss of Terry, who perished during the jail riots. Even though Allison and Mike have a tense relationship, they can sympathize with Terry’s passing. In the opening episode of season 2, there is a heavy focus on the jail uprising and the people involved. As shown in the eighth episode, Terry and Allison were among those forced to live with the fallout.

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About Mayor Of Kingstown

The Paramount+ series premiered in November 2021 and has recently returned with a second season. The Mayor Of Kingstown follows the McCluskys, an affluent family of brokers striving to combat entrenched racism and corruption in Kingstown, Michigan. With the prison industry growing in Kingstown, Jeremy Renner’s Mike McLusky sets out to change that. While Mike tries to play both sides in the prison system, the first season features brutality and moral complexity scenes.

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