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Who is Pickle to Troy Landry? Find More About Them!

Pickle Wheat, the alligator hunter, has quickly become a big favorite among Swamp People viewers. The star of Swamp People hails from generations of gator hunters, and she has gone out with her father on hunting trips ever since she was a tiny girl.

Fans can’t get enough of the 25-year-old (real name: Cheyenne Wheat) and her intriguing (possible?) relationship with co-star Chase Landry. Others, however, have speculated that Pickle is linked to Troy (Chase’s dad) due to the closeness of their relationship and Pickle’s frequent social media posts about him. Read on to find more about their relationship.

pickle and troy
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Who is Pickle and Troy?

Pickle Wheat is originally from Poydras, but his real name is Cheyenne Wheat. She’s the new alligator hunter on the Swamp People team and comes from generations of gator wranglers. It’s a family tradition that her great-grandfather was one of the first alligator hunters in the area that she now calls home, St. Bernard Parish. She has been going on duck and turkey hunts with her dad since she was a kid, and now she runs the family company.

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Troy, also known as “King of the Swamp,” has a successful crawfish and alligator hunting operation. In Pierre Part, Louisiana, he operates a seafood restaurant, a petrol station, and a convenience store. He is the proud father of Chase, Jacob, and Brandon Landry. Thirty days a year are spent alligator hunting for Troy, while the other 180 days are spent with his wife Bernita and their two children.

pickle and troy
pickle and troy ; img src:

How Pickle is related to Troy Landry?

According to Distractify, Although if Pickle was dating Troy Landry’s son, Chase, that doesn’t mean she has any blood relation to Troy. She was single (or was during Season 12 filming), but she has been in a relationship. Pickle and Troy play off one other like brothers and sisters, leading some viewers to believe they are, in fact, related.

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Their playful banter may give the impression that they are closer than they actually are, but it appears that Pickle’s only reason for being friends with Troy is that she is also friends with Chase. Twitter user and admirer “The constant bickering between Jr. and Willy in the Troy-Pickles pair is hilarious. Just know how much you mean to me.”

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