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Who Is Jess Hilarious Dating Now? – Relationship Status & Everything You Need To Know!

Jess has been on several networks, including VH1, and BET, performing stand-up comedy. Jess, who hails from Baltimore, Maryland, has catapulted herself to fame thanks to the over 4.6 million people who follow the comedic routines she posts on Instagram.

She is a devoted mother who appears in videos with her little son Ashton on a daily basis; as a result, her section titled “Jess With The Mess” has become a hit on social media. Her sense of humor is uncomplicated and uncomplicated. When it comes to being amusing, Jess does not shy away from the spotlight.

Who Is Jess Hilarious Dating?

The second season of the show is already in the works, and it will include Jess Hilarious and her boyfriend, Daniel Parsons! They’ve been dating for over eight months and have known one other for around four years.

Is Jess Hilarious compatible with Kountry Wayne? The Laughing Couple Her stage name was Jess Hilarious when she initially appeared on VH1 and MTV’s Improv Comedy – Wild ‘N Out, but she has since changed it to Jessica Robin Moore. Seasons 9 and 10 were her first appearances on the show, and she returned for Season 15.

She has made a name for herself as a determined performer and businesswoman. Jess chose to quit her employment at a young age in order to pursue her dreams. She aspired to be able to amuse others with her odd and humorous personality.

Jess Hilarious Dating Daniel Parsons
Jess Hilarious Dating Daniel Parsons

Despite this, Jess has become entangled in the situation. She has become well-known as a result of her association with comedian Kountry Wayne. Above all things, Jess’ desired job is to be a movie star. Jess appears as a guest on All Def Comedy. She was the first celebrity to earn a BET social award for her song “Clapback.” Fifty Strands of Jess is the name of her hair extension line.

She makes money by promoting her films on Instagram, which has more than five million followers. Her Instagram reel is her main source of revenue. Her witty comedy has gained her a large following, which has led to new opportunities.

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Kountry Wayne and the Stand-Up Comedian’s Messy Relationship

In 2019, Jess, a stand-up comedian, was dating Kountry Wayne, who is also a comedian. No one knows when or how they were together. But their relationship was out in the open as early as 2019. Every once in a while, they worked together to make funny videos. Before that, Kountry and his ex-wife, Gena Coley, had announced their split in 2018. But they had not officially split up yet. After her relationship with Kountry was made public on social media, Gena went so far as to call Jess a “homewrecker.”

Jess and Wayne would always show each other photos that were personal and sweet. So, people found out that they were together. But things got bad between them when Gena accused her in public, and Kountry also spent Valentine’s Day 2019 with his kids. She didn’t like it because his ex-girlfriend was also there. In the end, they broke up in 2019 after only a few months of dating. Jess got rid of everything about Kountry from her social media accounts as well. The comedian said that even though they broke up, they are still friends because they have known each other for a long time.

Skeleton Comedy Was the Starting Point for Jessica

When Jessica “Jess Hilarious” Moore first started doing stand-up, she did jokes about skeletons. She got the attention of tens of thousands of people in just a few weeks thanks to her sharp wit. She quickly got up on the stage and told everyone who was there who she was.

Since then, Jess has been making people laugh on stages all over the country with her funny stunts and unique brand of creativity. Since she opened for the famous comedian and actor Martin Lawrence in Baltimore City, where she was born, her career has taken off.

Jess has been on TV shows like BET, VH1, TMZ, and Centric. Jess’s journey hasn’t been easy, but she still wants to make it to the big screen. In 2018, her song “Clapback” made her the first famous person to win the BET Social Award.

She and DC Young Fly, who played Moore’s character “Tiffany” in the short-lived Fox comedy “Rel,” both hosted the 2019 BET Social Awards.

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