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Is Jamie Apody Pregnant Again With Baby No.4? (2023 Updated)

Is Jamie Apody Pregnant? Jamie Apody is an American presenter and journalist who covers sports. Is Jamie Apody Pregnant? has been a popular search term lately, especially among her fans. You can read this article to find out if Jamie Apody is pregnant or not.

Jamie Apody’s Husband

Jamie Apody and Paul Coleman got married in a private wedding that took place in July 2011. Paul Coleman teaches football. Jamie has work to do as a mother and as a journalist. Alex was her grandfather on her mom’s side. He is one of nine brothers and sisters who lived through the genocide. She likes going to schools or sports teams to talk about her job and the things she has seen and done in it.

Is Jamie Apody Pregnant?

Jamie is not pregnant. Jamie being pregnant is just a rumor. The rumor may have started because of the weight gain. She already has three children of her own. She is lucky to have three kids. Their names are Tanner, Chase, and Brayden Tyler. In May 2017, she had her third child. She loves her job and is very busy with it.

Jamie Apody Salary Details

Jamie Apody’s first job was as a sports producer at the Los Angeles station KNBC. She wrote about the NBA and the Lakers for that job. Her pay ranges from $24,292 to $72,507 a year. She was in charge of sports at KDBC. She was named Sports Announcer of the Year for 2005. Since 2006, she had been working for Action News Sports. She was put on the JDRF Board of Directors. Even though she has never had the disease, the JDRF has chosen her.

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