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Who is Alexandria Herring? How Old Is She?

Alexandria Herring is one of the best-known people who work for the YouTube group The Try Guys. In 2022, the associate producer and her fiance Will Thayer will have been together for ten years. In 2022, they will be engaged.

Alexandria has been with The Try Guys for a long time. Many fans call her Alex. She has been in many videos on their YouTube channel, so she has become a well-known face over time.

The ‘Try Guys’ are a group of four men on the internet. Their names are Ned, Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang. They often try new things for the first time and record their reactions. Ned is no longer a part of the collective, which now has three members and a few employees who sometimes appear in their videos.


Alexandria is an associate producer at 2nd Try LLC, the company that makes movies for The Try Guys. Her Linkedin page shows that she started working for her current company as a Production Manager and has been there for the past four years.

Before she joined The Try Guys, Alexandria was the Production Manager at BuzzFeed. The person from Los Angeles, California, has worked as an Office Production assistant, a personal assistant, and even as a production assistant in the past.

Alexandria has never said how old she is, but according to her Linkedin page, she finished school in 2014. So, if she was between 22 and 24 at the time, which is the average age of college graduates, she should be about 30 in 2022. The University of Hawaii at Hilo gave her a BA in Communications and Media Studies.

Since Alexandria has been in so many Try Guys videos, she has become a fan favorite. Because of her outstanding job, she has more than 66,000 Instagram followers.