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WhatsApp will allow users change language manually

When the beta version of Android is released, it will be able to operate in more than sixty different languages. The WhatsApp team is currently developing a feature that will let users switch the app’s language. When the beta version of WhatsApp for Android is released, users will be able to select their preferred language.

According to WABetaInfo, “WhatsApp will let people choose all the supported languages in any country in a future update.” The update will support over 60 languages, and the user can select the “App language” in WhatsApp settings. A similar feature is already available in certain countries, such as India.


A new version of WhatsApp for Android,, is now available on the web, and the reaction feature has been made available to select beta testers on WhatsApp beta for Android

WABetaInfo reports that the following expressions will be accessible after installing this update: like, love, laugh, surprise, sad, and thanks.

Here’s the scoop on how to switch the WhatsApp language on your Android device.

If you are using an Android device, launch WhatsApp. To access the menu, select the “More” option (the three dots in the upper right corner). Select the Preferences menu. To access this feature, click the Chats link that may be found underneath the Account section. Choose your language from the drop-down menu under “App Language.” In this section, you can select the language you want to use in the program.

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In WhatsApp, you can choose between the languages spoken in your country. For example, Spanish will appear as the top language option if you are in the United States. In the meanwhile, individuals in India speak and write in a wide variety of tongues.

When creating your WhatsApp account for the first time, though, you can select whatever language you like. You can always switch back to using WhatsApp in English if you have trouble reading the selected language’s digital letters. Following the same processes as before, but this time selecting English from the menu, will get you where you need to go.

Whatsapp: How to Switch Languages on the iPhone

Do not forget that I warned you that an iPhone would render this strategy useless. As a result, if you want to use WhatsApp in a language other than English, such as Hindi, you will need to adjust the language settings on your device. Select Hindi under “Language & Region” in “Settings.”

To rearrange the preferred language list to make Hindi your first choice instead of English, just move the Hindi slider to the top of the list. By setting Hindi as your iPhone’s default language, you will also be able to switch WhatsApp to Hindi.

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