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Michelle Troconis Found Guilty in Jennifer Dulos Case

In a nationally covered trial, Michelle Troconis was found guilty of the abduction and assumed death of Connecticut mother of five Jennifer Dulos in May 2019. Troconis, Jennifer’s ex-husband Fotis Dulos, and others were charged with conspiracy to murder.

After a contentious custody battle, adulterous affairs, and forensic evidence, the verdict was announced. Media coverage of this case has raised questions about domestic abuse, justice, and how far people would go to hide their crimes.

Michelle Troconis Found Guilty in Jennifer Dulos Case

Jennifer Dulos, a mother of five from Connecticut, went missing over five years ago, and on Friday, her husband’s ex-girlfriend was convicted guilty of plotting her murder. Along with these convictions, Michelle Troconis was also found guilty of two charges of conspiracy to conduct tampering with physical evidence, one act of impeding prosecution, and two counts of tampering with physical evidence.

Before rendering a decision on Tuesday, a group of six jurors listened to the state prosecutor and defense lawyer’s two hours of closing arguments in a Stamford Superior Courtroom.

Troconis dated Fotis Dulos, the estranged husband of Jennifer, who was accused of killing his wife but passed away in January 2020, seemingly by suicide, before he could face charges. In 2020, among other offenses, Troconis was accused of plotting to commit murder and entered a not-guilty plea.

After bringing her kids off at school in May 2019, Jennifer Dulos was last seen. After she neglected to show up for appointments and went ten hours without speaking to them, friends filed a missing person’s report.

She was in the midst of a tumultuous divorce and custody dispute with Fotis Dulos when she vanished. A Connecticut judge declared Dulos dead in October 2023, despite the fact that her body was never discovered, according to a court file. Probably a mix of “traumatic, blunt-force injuries,” the state’s chief medical examiner concluded.

Her car, which was stored in her New Canaan garage, had three spots where authorities discovered a smear resembling blood. Her DNA was found on the garage door and wall, as well as in the stains.

On suspicion of tampering with evidence related to the disappearance, Fotis Dulos and Troconis were previously placed under custody. After detectives discovered a “bloodlike substance” with Jennifer Dulos’ DNA in a truck he had access to on the day she vanished, they entered a not-guilty plea to evidence tampering.

Before going missing, Jennifer Dulos had told authorities that she was scared of him, according to court records that CNN was able to obtain.
According to the records, she stated, “I know that filing for divorce and filing this motion will enrage him.” “I’m sure he’ll try to hurt me in some way as payback.”

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Family Hopes to Find Body

The decision saddened Troconis, according to her lawyer Jon Schoenhorn. Her family referred to the decision as “a tremendous injustice,” claiming that they “will keep proving that forever” and that she is innocent.

“We are devastated because my daughter’s trial has been [a] tremendous injustice,” Carlos Troconis, the father of the subject, said to reporters. The verdict, according to Jennifer Dulos’s survivors, “may spur new, viable leads” that could assist in locating her remains. They also hope that it will rekindle public interest in the case.

“Today’s verdict is a crucial attribution of accountability, not a victory,” Carrie Luft, speaking for Dulos’s friends and family, stated in a statement. Luft stressed that the fact that Dulos’ body has not yet been located is more significant than the “immense body of evidence” that supported Troconis’ guilty decision.

“We hope that the resurgent public interest in this case might spur new, viable leads,” the statement said. On Friday, a Connecticut judge set Troconis’ bail at $6 million in cash as surety. Should she post the required amount, she would be subject to electronic monitoring and home arrest. The date of her sentence is set for May 31.

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