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What really happened to Kevin Costner’s Ear? The Yellowstone actor’s Response to the Left Ear Rumors

Recently, it was discovered that Kevin Costner‘s left ear was missing a portion of it, although he has not yet publicly disclosed what happened to it.

Fans were concerned when they noticed the iconic actor’s left ear on the episodes of the TV show Yellowstone from 2021; many of them speculated as to what would have happened to the actor’s ear and his teeth. As a result, there was a persistent rumor that the actor had ear surgery because of cancer.

Kevin Costner has not yet issued an official statement in response to the rumors. He seems to be in good health right now, and none of the claims that he had an ear operation because of cancer have been proven.

Is some part of Kevin Costner’s left ear missing?

Fans couldn’t help but notice an odd scar on the front and rear of John Dutton’s left ear during the 2021 episodes of the cowboy TV show  Yellowstone, where Kevin Costner played the role of John Dutton, and the ear also appeared to be twisted.

Numerous fans and viewers started to express worry, which sparked a variety of inquiries about the actor’s health. One of the worried followers tweeted the following query:

Others responded by stating that they had observed the same thing as well. In the same line, someone else noted that the actor at the 2022 Oscars looked to have covered the missing portion of his ear with a prosthetic or patch.

Because of how suddenly it arrived, many people were surprised by the supposed distortion in Kevin’s ear. Nobody seems to have ever noticed it, and it didn’t seem to start off gradually before becoming noticeable. Also, none of the pictures of him that are online show that it was there before.

The opportunity presented itself for rumour mongers to concoct false claims that Kevin Costner was ill because there were numerous questions and no solid answers, not even from the source.

What really happened to Kevin Costner’s Ear?

After hearing that Kevin Costner’s left ear was allegedly missing, people came up with a variety of hypotheses to try and explain what might have happened to it. Some claim he had ear surgery, which would likely account for the strange scar visible in the photo below, both above his left ear and at the back of his head.

Many people said that the actor probably had ear cancer, but others said that the changes to his teeth and ears were probably caused by an accident.

Despite the fact that all of these theories are patently untrue, it’s crucial to remember that the scar in the image below was created as part of the makeup for Kevin’s film Criminal. The image was captured in 2014 at the filming location in Surrey, England. In order to reshoot a crash scene for the action movie, Kevin and a stunt double with the same grey hair both got behind the wheel of an ambulance. So, the alleged injuries to the back of his head and ear were caused by the crash and not by medical care.

Kevin Costner’s Response to the Left Ear Rumors Spreading

Kevin Costner has chosen to stay quiet and hasn’t made a statement to say whether the claims about his ear are true or should be thrown out as false, despite rumors in the media and worries about his health.

While we continue to hold out hope that the venerable actor may alter his mind and come clean, we like to think that he is in excellent health and neither has ear cancer nor has he had ear surgery. After all, nobody has actually gone to compare their ears in person.

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