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Here is why the Kevin Costner has Raspy Voice in Yellowstone

Kevin Costner‘s raspy voice is one of the most identifiable features of his John Dutton.

However, Costner’s voice in real life sounds far different from that of his character‘s cowboy.

Why then does Kevin Costner’s voice in Yellowstone seem so raspy?

On Yellowstone, Kevin Costner altered his voice to sound more like the legendary western figures of yore. He believed that the gruff nature of his character, John Dutton, was better suited to the raspy voice.

It might have been influenced by some of the most recognizable Western actors.

Many Redditors agree that Costner looks to Clint Eastwood for inspiration for John’s voice.It makes sense that Costner would be inspired by Eastwood given that he is one of the most recognisable Western actors of all time.

Even more, Costner admitted to that he didn’t like his own voice and felt it didn’t fit his character.

According to Costner, as an actor, you constantly try to create new voices because you don’t like your own voice.

“Well, I could tell you the first time I ever heard narration in my life. It was probably 1962, I was seven years old, and I went to see the movie ‘How the West Was Won’ and it was a four-hour long movie. I didn’t move, I was thrilled by the whole story, and the first voice I heard come up was Spencer Tracy, and he was talking about the map of America, and he said, “Long before there were roads, before there were all these markers that designated states, it was just rivers. It was just mountains.’

Costner thought the idea was interesting, especially since he now plays a western cowboy in Yellowstone.

“As a seven-year-old, I had the idea that, yeah, before all these cities, these were places untouched. It was like the Garden of Eden, if you will, and that voice was Spencer Tracy, so I guess he was a legendary actor. a voice all his own, so I guess if there was going to be a voice, it would be Spencer.”

How John Dutton was cast in Kevin Costner’s movie

Without a doubt, Kevin Costner did a fantastic job portraying John Dutton in Yellowstone.

The script and the fact that the show is taped in Montana both appealed to Costner.

“I saw that the dialogue had a fun, realistic approach to it. It was raw. “It was dysfunctional. ” “And it was set against the backdrop of mountains, rivers, and valleys with people on horseback, which is very appealing,” Costner remarked.

Before creating Yellowstone, when the show was just a notion, show creator Taylor Sheridan actually met Costner. Sheridan then gave Costner the pilot episode right away because the actor is a huge fan of his writing.

After receiving the screenplay, Costner entered the room and immediately recognized the show’s immense potential.

The show originally only had plans for a 10-episode run, but because of how well-liked it is, it now has multiple seasons.

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