What Really Happened In The Movie The Vanished

What Happened To The Girl In The Vanishing: What Really Happened In The Movie The Vanished?


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What Happened To Taylor In The Vanished?

The Vanished has gained its reputation as a film that is nothing like what viewers expected it to be. Beginning the film is a middle-aged couple named Wendy and Paul embarking on a family vacation with their young daughter Taylor and pet dog.

Everything looks to be going well until Wendy discovers that Taylor has disappeared from their lakeside RV site. As the couple begins a frantic search for their daughter in and around the site, tension and dread increase.

The couple contacts the police and the media in the hopes of quickly locating their daughter. They decide to find their daughter themselves when all else fails. In the course of their search for their missing daughter, they accidentally murder a guy.

_The Vanished
_The Vanished

A disadvantage of such films is that the solution is very straightforward. They either locate their daughter or they do not, correct? However, this film is not that. The conclusion of The Vanished takes the most unexpected turn, leaving the audience stunned.

In the film’s last scenes, it is revealed that the sheriff in charge of the inquiry discovers an old photograph of the pair posing in front of the Twin Towers. Wendy appears pregnant during a time when the Twin Towers still existed, which is an unusual aspect of the photograph. The Sheriff is baffled by the fact that the couple’s daughter is just 10 years old, given that the photo dates back 17 years.

After discovering this, the officer contacts Paul’s brother to determine the truth. He discovers that Taylor drowned in a lake many years ago, causing her death. In contrast, the pair continues to experience manic moments in which they reenact their former memories with Taylor.

Ending Of The Vanished

In the final act, both Paul and Wendy are observed to be sinking into depression. As he discards his daughter’s items, Paul regains composure and finally accepts the reality of his daughter’s death. Just when we believe that normalcy is returning, the couple shows an old video of their daughter and reenacts the scene, implying that they’re too far into the mourning cycle to ever escape it.

What Really Happened In The Movie The Vanished?

Paul and Wendy think that Eric and Miranda took their daughter because they haven’t been able to have another child. Wendy pulls out a gun, which starts a fight in which Eric is stabbed and Miranda is shot.

How Did The Vanishing End?

James’s mind is going crazy. He kills Donald and then locks Thomas in a room. James and Thomas leave with the gold in the boat, but James feels terrible about what he did and asks Thomas to help him kill himself. James jumps into the water, and Thomas holds his head under until James drowns (I found that scene unbearably sad).

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