Sims 4 High School Years Release Date

Sims 4 High School Years Release Date Confirmed: Official Trailer Revealed & New Updates

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The Sims 4 High School Years, which comes with a new world called Copperdale, is the latest Expansion Pack for the game. Here’s everything we know about the next expansion, including screenshots, release date, time, and new game features.

The Sims 4 team is keeping the new content coming with High School Years, which is part of their “Rise & Shine” plan for summer 2022. The Werewolves Game Pack and the Moonlight Chic and Little Campers Kits just came out.

From enrolling to graduating, here’s a full rundown of everything you can do in The Sims 4 High School Years, the game’s newest Expansion Pack.

The Sims 4 High School Years release date

The Sims 4 High School Years Expansion Pack will come out on PC, Mac, and consoles on July 28, 2022, at 10 a.m. PT/6 p.m. GMT, which is in line with how games usually come out.

High School Years will cost $39.99/Β£34.99, which is the norm for Expansion Packs.

Is The Sims 4 High School Years set in a brand-new world?

Yes, Copperdale is the name of the new world, according to the official blog article. Seven of the lots in the world, including those made by MsGryphi, xfreezerbunnyx, and JOL1990, are listed as having been developed by community members.

Sims Community claims that Copperdale will include three neighborhoods and 12 lots. Twitter has posted a leak of the expansion’s official global map online. The official photograph is displayed in the post that is attached below.

The Sims 4 is getting a free base game update that adds sexuality.

In a free base game update that will be available this month for The Sims 4, users will be able to set a Sim’s sexual orientation.

The update adds three new details to fill in inside Create-a-Sim mode, which George Pigula and Jessica Croft demonstrated, the expansion pack’s lead producer and lead designer, respectively, at a virtual preview event that Digital Spy attended. The update will be released alongside the upcoming teen-focused High School Years expansion pack.

They are as follows:

β€’ This Sim is romantically interested in…, with checkboxes for “Men” and “Women” (one, both, or none can be selected).

β€’ This Sim is looking for love, and he or she can choose between “Yes” and “No” on the radio.

β€’ This Sim wants to Mess Around with…, and there are checkboxes for “Men” and “Women” (one, both, or none can be selected).

Right now, Sims in the game can flirt and date with anyone, no matter what gender they are. But with these new options, a Sim’s response to advances from a male or female Sim will depend on whether the Sim is straight or gay.

For example, players can make an asexual Sim by leaving the “Mess Around” question (which tells Sims who they might want to “WooHoo” with) blank. In the same way, a Sim can be aromantic by not choosing anything for the “romantically attracted to” question.

Croft said this about the “exploring romantically” options: “One story we wanted people to be able to tell is about someone who is still trying to figure out who they are. This is a common teen experience. They are still figuring out who they like and who interests them.

“If you set your Sim to explore romantically, then their orientation may shift through gameplay and you may end up in a very different place from where you began.”

Croft said that the team worked with GLAAD and the It Gets Better Project to “get a broader range of feedback on how to actually do this in a way that uplifts and celebrates” the LGBTQIA+ community. But she also said that this new feature has one problem right now.

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The Sims High School Year’s new features

According to the official description and the blog post that EA put out, High School Years will have a lot of new ways to play. Here’s what we know so far, broken down by gameplay and CAS features:

  • football, cheerleading, chess, and other extracurricular after-school teams and activities.
  • events in the school, such as the science fair.
  • Activities done in schools: attending classes, dining in the cafeteria, and taking weekly tests.
  • help “navigate through the joys and hardships of youthful love,” from infatuation to breakups.
  • Copperdale is a brand-new planet.
  • shaving and grooming of body hair.
  • Pranks.
  • Sit cross-legged on beds, engage in pillow wars, and sneak out of houses by scaling trellis ladders and via windows.
  • Design the prom, make proposal signs, and choose the prom king and queen.
  • All of your Sim’s choices during their high school career will have an influence on how their graduation unfolds, according to the game.
  • Turn into a Simfluencer.
  • On “Trendi,” teen Sims may market their creations for sale.
  • Sims may read in bed and utilize computers.

The Sims 4 High School Years trailer

The first trailer for High School Years, which will debut on June 30, 2022, gives Simmers an idea of all their Sims will be able to do on launch day. Examine it below:

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