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Corinna Kopf Net Worth 2022 Updated, Earnings, Career And Interesting Facts

Corinna Kopf was born in Palatine, Illinois in December 1995. Her name is Poutie Girl. She launched her Instagram in 2012 and now she has more than 4.5 million followers. She’s a Fortnite player who signed a streaming deal with Facebook Gaming after streaming on Twitch.

Corinna Kopf Net Worth

Corinna Kopf is an American social media personality who has a net worth of $10 million. She is best known for her popularity on Instagram, YouTube, and OnlyFans.

Professional Life

Corinna Kopp dated Turner Tenney and Toddy Smith. She has also collaborated with Liza Kossy. In August 2021, Corinna announced that she made about $4 million in one month from OnlyFans. This report is unconfirmed, but if half true, she’s one of the platform’s highest-earning personalities.

As if that wasn’t enough, in a subsequent interview on Logan Paul’s Impulsive podcast, Corinna revealed that even months after joining OnlyFans, she still makes over $1 million a month from adult platforms.

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She first came to prominence after she appeared in David Dobrik’s vlog in 2015. She was part of her famous Vlog Squad. She then opened a poll on her Twitter asking her fans if they would like to join her on YouTube. After her research, some fans urged her to create her own YouTube account and eventually, she joined the platform and subscribed to her self-titled channel in 2017.

With her status as a Vlog Squad member, she has worked with popular YouTubers and social media celebrities such as Liza Koshy, Alex Ernst, and Toddy Smith. A self-proclaimed gaming fanatic, her Kopf has been interested in video games since childhood.

She started her live streaming career on Twitch, where she often streamed Fortnite and other games.She enjoyed a sizeable number of followers and viewers. She was banned from Twitch by Kopf, then in 2019, she signed an exclusive streaming deal with Facebook Gaming.

Corinna Kopf’s Sources of Income

Corinna makes the majority of her $10 million estimate from her highly profitable OnlyFans account, AdSense revenue from her YouTube account, brand endorsements, exclusive deals, and sponsored content on social media. Apart from that, Kopf also has a fair amount of tips and donations received from viewers during her live streams.

According to Social Blade, Corinna makes $23 to $373 a month from her AdSense earnings or $280 a year to make her $4.5,000. Net Worth Spot estimates that Corinna’s popular Instagram account alone is worth about $19.36 million. She earns an estimated $3.87 million annually from her Instagram account considering the over 6 million followers she enjoys on the platform.

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Corinna Kopf’s Expenses

In a video posted by David Dobrik, she says she made about $4 million from OnlyFans in her first month on the adult app, and about $1 million a week in his first month. Head confirmed her staggering numbers, revealing on her Impulsive podcast for Logan Paul that she’s still making about $1 million a month, even after being active on the app for a long time. Did.

Interesting Facts

Q. Who is Corinna Kopf and how did she become famous?

Ans. Corinna Kopf is an American YouTuber, model, Instagram celebrity and streamer who has an estimated net worth of $10 million as reported by Celebrity Net Worth. . She is best known for appearing in her vlogs for David Dobrik and being a member of the Vlog Squad.

Q. Why was Corinna Kopf banned from her Twitch? 

Ans. Kopf was banned from Twitch for allegedly wearing underwear. She tweeted that she was wearing a Chanel tank top and she was quickly banned for violating community guidelines.

Q. Is Corinna really she earning a million on OnlyFans?

Ans. Corinna said that on two occasions she was making over $1 million a month from her OnlyFans account which was hugely successful.

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