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Wallace pushed Larson after exiting his truck

On Lap 95, Larson hit Wallace, sending him into the wall. Wallace collided with Larson’s No. 5 Chevrolet as he returned to the circuit. A playoff driver, Christopher Bell, was eliminated in the crash.  Wallace pushed Larson after exiting his truck. 

“Cliff (Daniels, five crew chief) knows how quickly these cars break,” Wallace added. “When you get rammed in the fence intentionally, as Larson did, trying to force me to lift – the steering was gone, and he happened to be there.

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I’m not too fond of this for our squad. We had a super-fast vehicle, but not on the short run; we were falling behind, and Larson wanted to do a three-wide dive bomb. I was never cleared. I don’t lift. Although I’m relatively new to running in the lead position, I don’t lift. I wasn’t even in a position to lift.

When NBC asked about retaliation, he told them to “stop fishing.”  Wallace said of the physical confrontation, “He (Larson) knows. He is aware of his wrongdoing. He wanted to know what I was doing, and he never gave me the all-clear.

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I feel terrible for our squad. Our McDonald’s Toyota Camry was quite reliable; we needed to locate a bit in the short run and achieve the necessary balance. It would have been like Kansas, except the automobile is now garbage.”

In reference to the confrontation, he continued by saying that he would have preferred to have had more of it rather than crash the automobiles. 

“No, when I saw him going over there, I assumed that he would do something.” As I previously said, he had every reason to be angry about the situation. I would like him to do that instead of wreaking havoc on our vehicles in an unsafe way. What it is cannot be changed. 

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Bell said it was “clearly retribution” from Wallace in the interview that he conducted himself. 

NASCAR stated it will evaluate the incident involving the 5 this week, but they did not summon anybody to the hauler or impose any penalty at the track. You may add this line if you like.