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Harbor, the new agent for Valorant, is a giant water dragon

Harbor is the name of the new Valorant agent in Act 3 of Episode 5, and his trailer shows a shielding kit with a water theme.

Harbor, the new Valorant agent for Episode 5 Act 3, has gotten his own agent trailer. Right now, a lot of people are talking about how strikingly good-looking he is, but the trailer also shows what skills Harbor will bring to the tactical FPS game.

According to the description of the trailer on YouTube, Harbor, who is Valorant’s first agent from India, will be a controller alongside Viper and Astra.

Riot Games says that Harbor “commands a mix of tide and torrent to shield allies and pummelled enemies,” and it looks like the artefact on his wrist that he gets in his reveal trailer is primarily in charge of these water-based abilities.

So, what skills does Harbor have? We do not know all of his names and details yet, but the trailer shows pretty much all of his gear in some way.

The most apparent ability is a wall of water, which seems to absorb damage from weapons and protect those behind it. This looks like a great way to keep an eye on crosses or spike defuses.

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Harbor has a similar power that lets him wrap himself in a sphere of water that absorbs bullets and protects him from harm. Harbor can also be seen calling up what looks like a tidal wave that wipes out guards who are after him.

It is unclear how this works in the game, but it could be used as a wide-area attack that does low damage or as a way to push enemies back or out of cover. Lastly, we see Harbor use a small disc-shaped device to make what looks like an extensive area of effect.

The device is used earlier in the trailer to disable a motorcycle, so it could be some kind of EMP that shuts down particular abilities. Also, the guards in the trailer look like they are turning away from it and covering their faces, which suggests that it may be able to stun or blind.

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We will find out more about Valorant Harbor’s abilities and release date soon, but for now, we can look at the new agent, who, based on his good looks alone, might shoot to the top of our Valorant tier list…

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