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John Savident Net Worth: What Was His Income at the Time of His Death?

The renowned British actor John Savident, who gained popularity in the entertainment sector for his role as Fred Elliott in the long-running soap opera “Coronation Street,” is well-known. Over several decades in the entertainment industry, Savident has achieved critical and commercial success in the realms of film, television, and theater.

His adaptable performances and iconic roles have cemented his position as a cherished artist in the hearts of audiences everywhere. According to current estimates, John Savident’s net worth is a testament to his lasting artistic accomplishments and his skill as a seasoned actor and well-respected member of the entertainment industry.

John Savident Net Worth

At the age of 86, John Savident passed away suddenly on February 21, 2024. He became well-known overtime for his role as Fred Elliott in the enduring soap series Coronation Street. Although Savident’s representative verified the report, the reason for death remained undisclosed. His career influenced his earnings, and his net worth was estimated to be $500,000.

John Savident’s Early Life

Born on January 21, 1938, Savident continued to reside in Guernsey until the German seizure of the island in 1940. He fled to Britain in a fishing boat with his family. He was a police officer in his early years before deciding to pursue acting as a career.

John Savident’s Personal Life

In the year 2000, Savident was assaulted by a man whom he had met at a small bar in Manchester. The incident occurred on December 1st.
Since 1961, Savident has been married to Rona Hopkinson. Together, they have been blessed with two children and a number of grandkids.

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John Savident’s Career

In the original Phantom of the Opera, which debuted on October 9, 1986, at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Haymarket, London, Savident developed the character of Monsieur Firmin.

In a 1981 episode of the beloved science fiction television series Blake’s 7, he played the role of the outlaw scientist Egrorian. In addition, he made appearances on television in Callan, Danger Man, The Saint, and Doctor Who. His role in The Remains of the Day was that of Doctor Meredith.

Savident played a number of roles in movies and television shows, such as civil servant Sir Frederick Stewart in Yes Minister and a role in A Clockwork Orange (1971), but he didn’t become well-known until the 1990s when he joined the cast of Coronation Street as the romantic but violent butcher Fred Elliott.

When he made his debut on the program in 1994, viewers took to his character right away. Savident announced his departure from Coronation Street in December 2005, explaining “personal reasons” that remained hidden.

In October 2006, nine months after his character’s death, he suffered a stroke. Later on, he disclosed that he had left the show “in order to spend more time in Hertfordshire with his family.”

In December 2006, Savident was one of the readers of the BBC’s online Advent Calendar. In that year, he costarred with Suranne Jones from Coronation Street as the henchman in the pantomime Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at Manchester Opera House. Other cast members included Justin Moorhouse and Warwick Davis.

He was performing as the lead in a Hobson’s Choice tour in 2007. On March 19, 2009, he made an appearance on Loose Women to talk about his role as Sir Joseph Porter in the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta HMS Pinafore, which went on tour in the UK in the spring and summer of 2009.

In the 2012 Holby City Christmas special, he made a cameo appearance as patient Rupert Pool. In the audio drama Order of the Daleks for Doctor Who, he provided the voice of Pendle.

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