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A combination of Astra and Wiper has created Valorant Harbor

Harbour is Agent 21 in Riot’s first-person shooter game Valorant. She wears a uniform that looks like a mashup of the kits worn by the characters Astra and Viper, two other playable characters who use controllers.

Protocol reveals the gorgeous, bearded man who has arrested Varun Batra to be Valorant agent 21 in the city of Harbor. His element may stand for peace, yet he most resembles the FPS game’s queen of all things poisonous, Viper.

Harbor has the ability to control the flow of water and maybe deflect incoming fire. Riot Games has shown a previously hidden controller that is powered by water.

The wanted criminal is depicted riding a bicycle against a backdrop of an ocean wall and a mysterious globe of smoke that appears to be consuming bullets in the official poster. It is said that Harbor is actually from India and that his real name is actually Varun Batra.

There are still many unanswered concerns about the precise nature of Harbor’s arsenal, despite the fact that leaks revealed his character class. The idea of a water-based controller who might mimic Viper’s skills was intriguing, but it also raised more questions than it answered.

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The newest graphic showcasing Harbor’s potential skills gives us a lot of information. According to Valorant’s state of the agents’ blog, “introducing Controllers that can cover large open areas is a blue ocean of opportunity” (other than Viper).

In a similar vein, the initial glimpse of Harbor reveals an engaging water wall that appears to be as long as (or longer than) Viper’s Toxic Screen. If it works like Viper’s wall, it would be pretty helpful on Breeze and Icebox, two of Valorant’s most extensive maps.

In contrast, the water bubble’s surface is covered in small swirls, making it stand out from the crowd. Behind Harbor is a water globe, probably his smoke and the highlight of his arsenal.

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It seems like ordinary smoke, but a closer look reveals a clever mechanism. Like the bullet holes on Astra’s Cosmic Divide, these tiny swirls show Harbor is able to grapple with and possibly deflect projectiles.

If this is the case, then Harbor may present a solution to Valorant’s post-plant meta. However, these are only assumptions, and until Riot provides more information to players, the real nature of his kit will remain a mystery.

Among the only things we can be sure of with Harbor is his fondness for hefty bicycles and samosa chaat. Want to show off your gun buddy skills by giving a big fist bump?

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