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VALORANT HARBOR: What time would the new Agent of Valorant Come Out?

Valorant keeps adding new heroes with each big act, and that is not going to change now that Harbor is here. But when do you think Valorant Harbor will be available, and what can he do?

Harbor’s looks and water-based skills help him in the game. He has a wide range of abilities that allow him to protect and help his teammates and deal damage.

This makes him a pretty unique hero in Riot’s shooter, and when he joins the game, he will definitely shake up the meta and the ranking of Valorant agents.

But keep reading to discover what these skills do in-game and when Valorant Harbor will be out.


hen the next act of the game comes out on October 13, 2022 at 8:00 am Pacific Time. Harbor should be available in Valorant. Harbor will come out on this date, but depending on how stable the game’s servers are, you may have to wait a while to get in.

Here are the timings for other regions:

  • October 13, 11:00 am Eastern Time
  • October 13, 4:00 pm BST
  • October 13, 8:30 pm IST
  • October 14, 00:00 am KST

But as soon as Riot gives us more information, we will make sure to update this article.

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Harbor’s skills in Valorant have not been shown yet, but the trailer for him gave a hint of what he can do. In the trailer, we see a massive wall of water that takes damage from weapons.

But that is not it. Harbor can be seen putting himself in a protective sphere of water. You can also see an enormous tidal wave being called up. This seems overpowered at first, but it could be a standard ability that does only low damage.

It might also push enemies back instead of hurting them. Lastly, we can see that Harbor uses a small disc to affect a large area, but we do not know what this is for yet.

This thing stops a motorcycle in the trailer from moving, so it could be an EMP or stun ability. With the Valorant Habor release date and a short description of what he can do, you can get to know him very quickly after he comes out.

But you will also want to make sure that your Valorant crosshair is set up in the best way so that you can get the most out of his setup.


Riot Games showed the Agent trailer for Harbor on October 12, 2022, about a week before the game came out. The full trailer for “Turn the Tides” can be seen on the official Valorant YouTube channel.

The trailer starts in Delhi, where Harbor is being chased by two other motorcyclists. But the Agent quickly loses them when he stops them with a projectile from his motorcycle and then a wall of water.

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This shows that the new Agent will be able to change the way water moves. The trailer then cuts to a flashback of Harbor and Captain Greaves, a REALM agent, looking for an ancient artefact in an archaeological site two months earlier.

When Harbor finds the artefact, it sticks to his left arm like a bracelet. Greaves tries to scare Harbor into taking it off, but Harbor is smart enough to get away from him.

Greaves then says that Harbor has “gone rogue,” which makes it clear that the Indian Agent needs to be found. The video jumps back to the present, where we see the familiar face of Brimstone saving Harbor and pulling him to the Vulture.


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