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Former CBS Executive Tom Watson And Wife Leslie Anne Wade Announces Divorce After Three-Month Marriage

After only three months of marriage, former professional golfer Tom Watson and his wife, Leslie-Anne Wade, made the announcement. 

Due to an “unexpected illness,” Wade, a veteran executive at CBS Sports, was forced to call it quits on their union. 

Leslie-Anne Wade and Tom Watson Announces Divorce

In July, Tom Watson and LeslieAnne Wade got married, but their union broke down very quickly. Wade told her that their marriage had ended after only three months because she got sick out of the blue, which made it impossible for them to stay together. 

“Over the past few months, I have been focused singularly on a challenging road through unexpected illness. Tom has been supportive including making sure I have the best possible care. I am beyond grateful to him and blessed that I will make a complete and full recovery,” Wade tweeted on Monday. 

Her statements made it clear that the main decision was motivated by the “inability to launch and build” connection after the severe illness. 

“Sadly, the inability to start and strengthen our relationship in these (the last few days) led us to dissolve our marriage,” she concluded. She said, “Our connection is lifelong,” and said, “He will always mean the world to me.” 

Watson retweeted and confirmed the termination after seeing Wade’s comment. Watson’s third wife was Wade. Tom Watson was married to Linda Rubin from 1972 to 1997. Following the divorce, he remarried, and the second union lasted until his second wife, Hilary Watson, passed away in 2019 from pancreatic cancer. 

At the time of her passing, Watson declared that the memories she left behind would cover the emptiness she had left, and that we would never forget them. Throughout her entire battle with cancer, she claimed that she was dying to live rather than the other way around. 

“She is my hero, “he declared. 

Watson’s third wife is Wade. For most of his working life, from 1972 to 1997, he was married to Linda Rubin. He remarried two years later, and the marriage lasted until Hilary Watson died of pancreatic cancer in 2019. 

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