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Caitlyn Jenner Slams Trans Activist Dylan Mulvaney For Urging People To “Normalise The Bulge”

A TikTok transgender rights advocate who recently visited the White House came under fire from Caitlyn Jenner after an old video of her calling for the acceptance of “women with bulges” appeared online. 

At a youth gathering that aired on Sunday, President Biden chatted with Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender TikTok video artist who amassed millions of fans for revealing her male-to-female transition. Her appearance got the attention of the media, which led to the rediscovery of a video from a few months ago that was about “normalizing bulges for women.”

In the video that was shot earlier this year, Mulvaney discussed how wearing tight clothing in public caused her to receive strange looks from bystanders.

I forgot that sometimes my crotch doesn’t resemble other women’s since mine doesn’t resemble a tiny Barbie pocket, Mulvaney recalled.

Mulvaney goes on to say that she could either wear looser clothing, undergo a painful “tuck,” or “normalize women having bulges occasionally.”

Make the bulge normal. Mulvaney sings, “We are normalizing the bulge,” near the video’s conclusion. “It’s acceptable for women to have bulges.”

Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee’s post, including the video, was retweeted by Jenner, who made the change from male to female in 2015.

@MarshaBlackburn, one of the best senators we have, thank you for speaking up and having a backbone, Jenner wrote. Let’s not ‘normalize’ any of this person’s behavior, I say. This is ridiculous!

Mulvaney and Biden met at the White House last week to talk about transgender people’s health care.

Mulvaney said to Biden, “Many states have legislators who feel like they can become involved in this very personal process. Do you believe that states should be able to outlaw healthcare that promotes gender equality?

“As a moral and legal issue, I don’t believe any state or anyone should have the power to do that. I simply believe it to be incorrect, “Biden said. Mulvaney also questioned Biden on how Democrats should better support transgender people.

Being seen with individuals like you, “added Biden. “I really do. I really, really mean it. People are afraid of the unknown.

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