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Paul Duncan Obituary: What Caused the Death of the Football Player at a Young Age?

Football hero Paul Duncan, who played for Notre Dame and the NFL, died at the age of 35. From 2005 until 2009, he was a Fighting Irish offensive line member. Paul Duncan, a former NFL player, passed away on 15 July 2022. His age was given as 35. This article will let you know the net worth of the football player.

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How did Paul Duncan die?

According to People, Duncan, a free agent signing with the Denver Broncos, went into cardiac arrest on July 16 while out running, according to an Instagram post by his wife, Ellen Duncan. After a run in their neighborhood, Paul “fell into cardiac arrest,” she reported. “His brain death was officially diagnosed today. Death will be investigated by means of a medical examination.” According to reports, the former running back was admitted to the hospital twice for mental health problems before his death.

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paul duncan
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According to Barber III’s father, his son did not want his brain donated so that CTE might be studied. His wife’s statement went on to say that after his funeral, his corpse would be donated to those in need of organs and to medical science. She expressed gratitude for everyone’s thoughts and prayers and promised to provide further information on the funeral rites at a later date. Both Dillon (6) and Sloane (4) are Ellen and Paul’s daughters.

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