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Who is Sienna Mae Gomez dating? Find Truth Behind Her Pregnancy Rumors!

Social media and internet sensation Sienna Mae Gomez, better known by her TikTok username, has recently been in the news. This is due to the fact that word of her relationship has spread. Her admirers have a burning desire to learn more about this anonymous suitor. This article will let you know more about the mysterious girlfriend of the Youtube star.

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More About Sienna Mae Gomez

In 2020, Gomez launched her professional career. She began uploading videos in 2020, and it wasn’t until August of that year that her content went viral. She began posting videos of dance collaborations. Also, by the end of 2020, in the year 2020, she had amassed over a million TikTok fans. She also maintains a double TikTok presence. On Tiktok, she has amassed a massive following of 13 million people, giving her 1.1 billion thumbs up. She is also quite popular on Instagram, with over one million people following her account.

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Who is Sienna Mae Gomez dating?

According to Sources, Sienna Mae Gomez is romantically involved with Cole Hosman. On August 25, 2022, Gomez published his first image of Hosman. She published a selfie mirror of herself in bed with her partner. The internet celebrity has been documenting her romantic exploits ever since. On September 29, 2022, she published a blog post, “How I Fell for My Lover,” which revealed her feelings for her boyfriend. She wrote on her blog that she instantly felt at ease around Hosman as if she’d known him for years.

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Are they expecting a kid?

As per sources, it is confirmed that the couple is not expecting a child currently. On January 4, 2023, Gomez posted a Snapchat shot of herself wearing a white bikini. She was taking a mirror selfie when her boyfriend, Cole Hosman, leaned over and kissed her on the stomach. It was Gomez herself who put an end to the pregnancy speculations. Rather than announcing her pregnancy on January 12, 2023, she used the video to market her swimwear line with the discount code “notpregnant” for a 20% savings.

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