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Sampaio Corrêa hosts Londrina at Castelão, while Vasco faces Ituano away

After losing to Sampaio Corrêa in So Januário in the penultimate round, the carioca squad could advance before the final game depending on Friday’s results. 

Thursday’s freezing rain soaked So Januário. Joécio’s late goal helped Sampaio Corrêa beat Vasco, who needed a simple win in So Januário to qualify for Série A, 3-2. Maranhenses Pará, Gabriel Poveda, and Joécio scored, while hosts Anderson Conceiço and Andrey Santos scored. Jorginho’s team is waiting to see if they’ll advance or face Ituano in the last round. 

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Vasco can still make the next round. Ituano must tie Londrina and Sport must lose against Operário. If not, the team will have to schedule an elimination round match against Ituano. 

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Sampaio defeated Vasco at São Januário, the team’s second away win in the competition, despite slim odds of access. Tubarão fell behind after three minutes, turned it around, tied in extra time, and won in the 54th minute with a spectacular header by Joécio. The team has 55 points, three behind Vasco. Ituano (54), Londrina (53), and Sport (53) remain in the round. 

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Over 20,000 São Januário fans prepared for the accessing party. “Let’s go up, Vasco!” and Second Division signs filled the stands. However, boos and demonstrations followed the game’s conclusion. Vasco lost their first home game of the season in their final match in front of their fans. 


Next Sunday at 18:30 (Brasília time), the Brasileirão Serie B concludes. Vasco plays Ituano away, while Sampaio Corrêa hosts Londrina at Castelão in São Luís.

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