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Matthew Perry discusses how difficult it is for privileged people to find love

A celebrity matchmaker explains why ‘Friends‘ star Matthew Perry is smart only to date rich women. Matthew Perry said that having a lot of money is one of the most important things he wants in a romantic partner.

The 53-year-old actor told People magazine that several of his relationships had ended because the women he was dating were only interested in his money. So, he decided to find love with a woman who had her own money.

“The next person I really care about is going to make me fall in love and stop being afraid of things that used to scare me… Someone who can take care of themselves.

In every way, but especially when it comes to money, because I’ve been hurt by women who only wanted my money and didn’t care about me. “He gave a reason.

When asked if any things would stop him from dating, Perry stood by his answer. “I’m starting to think that some people are only in it for the money.

It happens a lot more than you might think. I think it’s essential that a person has their own money.”

Alessandra Conti, a celebrity matchmaker and dating expert in Beverly Hills, told Fox News Digital that Perry’s fear of getting involved with women who might not have good intentions is shared among the famous and influential men who hire her.

She said that most of her clients hire her not only to help them find love but also to get rid of women who might only want them for their money. “I also love that he uses the phrase “self-supporting,” added Conti about Perry.

“Men at that level in their careers, which usually means they have a lot of money, want a woman who can add to their lives. It’s a woman who gives their life a sense of femininity, care, warmth, and passion.”

Conti said that a celebrity’s ideal partner would come from a certain amount of money. “So she or he isn’t totally shocked and confused by the way of life or just completely turned off by it or just mesmerized by it,” she said.

“But I love putting well-known people with regular people,” she said. “Men and women who are well-rounded and have interests outside their relationship, even if they teach kindergarten. It doesn’t matter what the job is as much as where the values are.”

George Clooney was once thought to be a lifelong bachelor, but he met his match in his wife, Amal Alamuddin. She is an international human rights lawyer who built a successful career representing high-profile clients like Julian Assange and Yulia Tymoshenko, the former prime minister of Ukraine.

They became friends because they both wanted to fight for human rights worldwide. In 2016, they started the Clooney Foundation for Justice together.

Conti said that celebrities often meet successful and wealthy partners through volunteer work or by going to high-end events and galas, as well as through matchmaking services like her own.

In 2006, Salma Hayek met Francois-Henri Pinault at a gala in Venice, Italy. Pinault is a French businessman who is worth a billion dollars. In 2007, they had a daughter named Valentina, and in 2009, they got married.

Evan Spiegel, the billionaire CEO of Snap, met Miranda Kerr for the first time at a Louis Vuitton event in New York City in 2014. Since 2017, they’ve been married, and they have two sons together.

Hayek and Kerr aren’t the only famous women who have dated or married billionaires. Janet Jackson, Elle MacPherson, and Mariah Carey are just a few more. Conti talked about why she thought famous women might be more likely than famous men to choose prosperous partners.

“I think more female celebrities tend to be attracted to men who come from very strong financial backgrounds,” she said. “That provider, protector, provider dynamic is very attractive to a woman, even a quote-unquote alpha woman or a woman who is in the public eye or a celebrity.

“Most of the time, when they are at their day jobs, they are in charge. But when they are with their partners, they want to show how feminine they are.” In the past few years, a lot of famous people have used dating apps to meet people.

Raya is a dating app for celebrities and influential people that only members can use. It is especially popular with stars who want to find love with people who are also wealthy, famous, and meaningful. Drew Barrymore, Channing Tatum, Demi Lovato, Kiernan Shipka, and Olivia Rodrigo have all tried to find love in Raya.

Barrymore said that using Raya was like “looking through an Us Weekly” when she was on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” in 2020. “I also did very poorly.

I didn’t match with anyone because I got stood up. “Cohen, who uses Raya himself, knew that she was telling the truth. She went on, “And my friends made me feel like I was a lot stronger than I really was.

They said, “You should give it a try. You’ll do fine.’ There was a car accident.” Raya does have some success stories, though. Simone Biles met her future husband, Houston Texans safety Jonathan Owens, on the app in March 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.

Later, the NFL star said that when they first met, he “hadn’t heard of” the four-time Olympic gold medalist. Owens told Texas Monthly in June 2021, “I didn’t know who she was.”

“I just hadn’t heard of her, and that was one of the things she liked when I told her that.” They told everyone about their relationship in August 2020, and in February of last year, they said they were getting married.

In September 2021, former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Meghan King and President Joe Biden‘s nephew Cuffe Biden Owens started a short-lived relationship after meeting on an app. After three weeks, they got married, but after two months, they broke up.

Conti told Fox News Digital that she thinks celebrities like Perry value strong values more than money when it comes to dating, no matter how they meet. “I understand what Matthew is saying, but I think he’s looking in the wrong place for a “rich woman,” to quote her.”

“So what I found is that women who have successful marriages and partnerships with high-achieving men aren’t necessarily billionaires, but they have a strong set of family-based values.” She went on, “It is based on relationships, friendships, and experiences.

So he should really put his attention there. He needs to make it a priority to meet women who aren’t just interested in money. I think that’s really what he wants to say.”

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