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Why Jeffrey Dahmer Got Kicked Out of the Army? How Long Jeffrey Dahmer Served in the Military?

Jeffrey Dahmer is best known today as the serial killer behind some of the most gruesome murders in American history. How did the man who started killing before he was drafted, continued to do so ten years after he was discharged, got through recruiters and left the military without a scratch on the record? It’s complicated. For those who don’t follow the true crime genre, Dahmer is popularly known as the “Milwaukee Cannibal”.

Dahmer was the inspiration for the 10-episode Netflix series Monsters: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and has been the subject of several crime documentaries on real-life cable television networks. There is also the indie film My Friend Dahmer. This chronicles his life in high school before he became a killer. Dahmer murdered his first victim, a hitchhiker named Stephen Hicks, in the summer of 1978, shortly after he graduated from high school in Bath, Ohio. He dismembered his body and enrolled in the fall semester at Ohio State University. Dahmer allegedly spent his first semester drunk in a dormitory.

Jeffery Dahmer Joining Army.

At his father’s urging, Dahmer left school and joined the Army in January 1979. He completed his residency training in Houston, Texas, and then worked as a paramedic in Baumholder, West Germany. Dahmer was rated an “average or slightly above average” soldier in his first year of service, but one of his companions later said that a medic was more than 17 years old. He claimed to have raped him repeatedly for months.


Did Jeffrey Dahmer Commit Any Crimes While In the Army?

Dahmer’s performance later deteriorated due to excessive drinking. In March 1981, his superiors ruled that Dahmer’s drinking was affecting his ability as a soldier, but that his drinking and performance problems were critical to his ability in civilian life.

Dahmer received one of his because none of those responsible believed it would make an impact. Honorable discharge. One can imagine that 16 men would not have been murdered by Dahmer if the military culture at the time felt that a male soldier could report rape by another man. Had Dahmer been convicted of rape and served time in a military prison before his ignominious release, the course of his gruesome murder might have changed.

Instead, an honorably discharged Dahmer ended up in Milwaukee. He first worked as a phlebotomist at a blood center and later on the assembly line of a chocolate factory. Over the next decade, Dahmer was arrested numerous times for obscene exposure and sexual assault, but no Milwaukee court sent him to prison. If you’re interested in the gruesome details of how he seduced the men he killed, and what he did to their bodies, there are plenty of true crime books, internet sites, and stories about mutilation, necrophilia

What was Jeffrey Dahmer’s job in the military?

Dahmer enlisted in the U.S. Army after dropping out of Ohio State University after one semester in 1978 after being pressured by his father to enlist. He trained as an Army medic at Fort He Sam He Houston in San Antonio, Texas, and was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 68th Armored Regiment, 8th Infantry Division at a base in Baumholder, West Germany. Slightly above SOLDIER. Dahmer was stationed in Germany from early 1979 until 1981.

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When and why was Dahmer discharged?

Dahmer was stationed in Germany for almost two years before being honorably discharged in 1981 due to problems with alcohol abuse. He then returned to the United States and stayed in Miami Beach for some time before being kicked out of the hotel for failing to pay him. He then moved back to Ohio to live with his father and his stepmother.

Dahmer was eventually arrested, convicted and sent to prison, where he was beaten to death by fellow Christopher Thurber on November 28, 1994, just two and a half years after Dahmer’s life sentence. He also killed inmate Jesse Anderson with the same 20-inch metal rod that killed Dahmer, later telling prison guards, “God told me to do it.” Dahmer was cremated and no memorial service was held.

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