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How Old Was Jeffrey Dahmer When He Killed His First Victim; Know Everything About His First Murder

One of the most prominent and prolific serial killers in US history, Jeffrey Dahmer, is certainly one of the first people who comes to mind when you hear the term “serial killer.” 

In Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, a new limited series on Netflix, Dahmer is the main subject. True crime fans will learn about his crimes up close, how he lured men to his apartment, and about Glenda Cleveland, a brave woman who sought to alert authorities to  Dahmer‘s suspicious conduct.

In order to ostensibly satiate his own sexual cravings, Dahmer killed at least 17 individuals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, between 1978 and 1991; the majority of them were LGBT or people of color. 

Who is Jeffrey Dahmer? 

Jeffery Dahmer was born to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on May 21, 1960, and had a regular upbringing. His parents soon became aware of his diminished interest in activities, growing distance, and preference for solitude.

He took part in typical high school extracurricular activities, such as music and intramural sports. He did admit, though, that at the tender age of 14, he had begun to fantasize about murder and necrophilia. Later, after joining the army, he was honorably discharged.

Jeffrey Dahmer Was 18 When He Killed His First Victim

Three weeks after graduating in 1978, Dahmer committed his first murder. Jeffrey Dahmer Was 18 When He Killed His First Victim. Dahmer picked up Steven Mark Hicks, who was almost 19 years old, as a hitchhiker on June 18. Dahmer used the promise of drinking to get the young person to his home. Dahmer consented to take Hicks to his house in exchange for “a couple of beers”, as Dahmer had the house to himself and had gone hitchhiking to a rock concert at Chippewa Lake Park, Ohio.

Dahmer claimed that when he saw Hicks standing by the side of the road with his chest exposed, it made him feel attracted to him sexually. However, when Hicks started talking about girls, he realized that any advances would be rejected. After chatting, drinking, and enjoying some music for a while, Hicks “wanted to leave and [I] didn’t want him to.” Hicks was struck by Dahmer with a 10-pound (4.5 kg) dumbbell.

Later, he said that while Hicks was seated in a chair, he attacked him twice from behind with a dumbbell. When Hicks lost consciousness, Dahmer strangled him with the dumbbell’s bar. He then removed Hicks’ clothes, raked his chest with his hands, and masturbated above the body.

The body of Hicks was dissected by Dahler the next day in his basement. He eventually interred the bodies in his backyard in a small burial. A few weeks later, he uncovered the remains and separated the flesh from the bones. He used acid to disintegrate the flesh before flushing the mixture down the toilet. He used a sledgehammer to break the bones, then he dispersed them in the woods behind the family house.

Jeffrey Dahmer Didn’t Intend To Commit His First Murder

 Steven Hicks, Dahmer’s first victim, was murdered not long after he received his high school diploma. Unlike many serial killers, Dahmer committed his first murder when he was only 18 years old, according to Eric Hickey, a criminal psychologist at Walden University and an expert on serial killers.

“Dahmer was still growing as a person,” Hickey says. He said there aren’t many serial killers who start out as juveniles. The majority of them are still figuring out their sexuality and paraphilia when they reach their 20s and 30s, when they really start acting out more.

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