Part-time Work Option in Canada for Immigrations

Everybody needs money. But for international college students, having a part-time job and getting an extra money may be the only way to pay for tuition fees, rent or and everyday expenses. The good news is that Canada allows students to have part-time jobs while studying. And having a part-time job can even give additional benefits.

A Canadian study permit holder may work up to 20 hours per week. But students enrolled for difficult or intensive courses may choose work lesser hours, a maximum of 12 hours per week so that the work would not affect their studies.

Students are paid on an hourly basis for their part-time work. The average pay is around $10 an hour. In order to work part-time outside the campus, the student needs to obtain an off-campus work permit after completing six months of study.

The best part-time jobs for immigrations:

1. Taxi Driver

Taxi driver has become a popular part-time job among international students in Canada. To work as a Taxi driver, the student needs to be at least 21 years of age, have a car and a smartphone.

The most profitable work times are during early mornings, evenings and weekends. How much you earn depends on how frequently you drive. Pay: $14.00 to $25.58 per hour.

Taxi drivers transport customers, taking them from airports, train stations, and hotels. Tips from pleased passengers can also boost a taxi driver’s wages. Taxi drivers earn at least $15 an hour.In big cities, cab drivers frequently pick up passengers who hail them on the street. And these days, passengers may even “e-hail” cabs using smartphone apps.

2. Retail Salesperson

If you are good at talking to people and convincing them, the retail salesperson is the right job for you. Working as a salesperson may also help you to earn some additional skills.

A retail salesperson sells products, from clothing to cars, straight to the consumer. Working as a retail salesperson means having a great deal of flexibility in your life, thanks to the ability to work summers or part-time as a student.

Retail salespeople earn a basic hourly wage of $12. For international students who study in Canada, this can be an opportunity to earn extra pocket money. Pay: $12 to $50.00

3. Waitrons

Waitrons are often the face of a dining establishment. Basic duties include greeting customers, taking orders, delivering orders, processing payments.

Servers are also knowledgeable enough about food and drink to answer questions about the menu and make recommendations to customers. They are also patient enough to help with customer concerns and complaints and coordinated enough to balance heavy trays topped with plates of food through a crowded restaurant without dropping their orders.

Waiters and waitresses earn a basic hourly wage of $9.25, although this varies from province to province in Canada.

4. Nail technicians

Nail technicians provide nail services to customers at salons, spas and barber shops, while some technicians operate their own business. Nail techs clean, file, trim, polish and repair fingernails and toenails. They discuss treatments with clients, such as applying artificial nails or moisturizing hands and feet and sell additional services and products.

Nail techs earn an hourly wage of $10. To encourage repeat customer visits, manicurists and pedicurists must also have excellent customer service skills and listen to the client’s needs – including personal problems and juicy gossip so being a “people person” is really important.

5. Bartenders

Bartenders don’t just follow a recipe; they understand how the bases, bitters, liqueurs, and syrups mingle and can create their own unique and tasty cocktails. In recent years, quality bars and experienced bartenders have been swept into the cachet of our foodie culture.

Just like the best dining hot spots are known for the chefs in the kitchen, the best bars earn their street cred by the barkeeps pouring the spirits. Usually, a bartenderearn between $75.00 and $200.00 in tips per night. Pay: $11.00 per hour.

6. Tutor

If you have interested in certain subjects and love teaching, the tutor is the best part-time job for you. Starting from students in the elementary school level, you may choose to teach students up to university/college level. You may either teach independently or work as part of a tutoring program. Tutoring gives you an opportunity to practice the skills that you already have and develop new ones. Pay: $15.00 to $20.00 per hour.

7. Barista

Canadians love coffee. If you love working in an enjoyable environment, there is no better place than a coffee shop to choose. Flexible working hours is an added advantage other than decent pay.
Pay: $11.41/hour excluding tips and free coffee. The wage isn’t the best, but working for a lot of coffee companies offer great perks such as tuition reimbursement.

 8. Nanny

Nanny is a great part-time work option for you if you enjoy being with children and has some experience in taking care of them. The tasks nanny has to do may include picking children up from school, being with them at home, preparing meals for them, putting them to sleep and more. The advantages include flexible hours and you may choose to do your homework while children rest. Those with a CPR certificate have a higher chance of getting placed as a nanny. Pay: $14.67 per hour.

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