Kanye West pays tribute to his late mother Donda West with his latest single “Donda”

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Kanye West’s Donda which was previously titled “Donada: With Child” was supposed to release in 2020, however, couldn’t be released.

And it was recently announced that “Donda” would be released on 23rd July. But when the day came, it still wasn’t released which is expected of Kanye. Fans only got to hear the album’s audio at West’s July 22 listening party via Apple Music.

As the album was being released amidst Kanye’s divorce from Kim Kardashian, fans speculated that there might be some songs on his relationship with Kim. However, Donda is actually the name of West’s mother, who passed away in November 2007.

West has been straightforward about how his mother’s passing took on his mental health, and much of the album is centred around her. However, there are several songs fans are assured were about his wife.

Many fans claimed that the song  “Love Unconditionally” is about the rapper’s wife. The song, in the beginning, pays homage to Donda West and turns very emotional.

The song has lyrics such as, “I’m losing my family / I’m losing my family / I’m losing my family.” In the same verse, he sings, “Writing on the wall / That thought was only / She’s screaming at me / Honey, why could you leave? / Darling, how could you leave? / Come back tonight, baby / Darling, how could you leave?” – and fans are sure that the lyrics address Kim Kardashian.

According to E! News it was also revealed by a source close to Kim, “Kanye did write a song about Kim and their marriage and Kim gave her input about it. He was respectful and gave her the heads up, and did not want to blindside her.”


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