Dua Lipa adopts the Sunny Hill kindergarten in Tirana, reveals mayor Erion Veliaj

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Dua Lipa is proving to everyone that no matter where she lives or works her heart is always with Albania!

The ‘New Rules’ singer,25, who though is British since birth but her heritage goes all the way to Albania. Dua Lipa is known for her calm and kindhearted demeanour, and she has one more good deed in her list of honourable work.

On 23rd June, Erion Veliaj, the mayor of Tirana himself revealed that the singer has adopted the Sunny Hill Kindergarten in Tirana, which was knocked down in 2019 because of an earthquake.

Veliaj himself posted on Instagram a photo with the singer thanking her for her generous deed. He wrote in Albanian, “A star ⭐️ that radiates strongly in the sky of world music, but an Albanian (Albanian flag)kind, generous, and big-hearted – Thank you for adopting kindergarten  🏫 “Sunny Hill”, which is coming rebuild from the foundation for 300 wonderful children in Tirana.

Not only was Dua Lipa’s good cause was publicized by the mayor of Tirana, but by the Prime Minister of Albania as well! He posted on his official Instagram account a photo of himself and Dua.

He wrote, ” I LOVE LIPA who has captured the sky of the music world does not need any comment, while a comment about Duan that I had the pleasure to know, I want to share with you. I wish her to live and reign for 100 years on the throne where she is sitting, but inside me remained the trace of the wise girl, educated and modest as if she were nobody, which is surely the pride and happiness of her parents and her whole family, precisely because what belongs to the world by the music star, has not touched any thread what belongs to them by their daughter. What ❤️”

Till now it was only Dua’s fans who always said that she is very kind-hearted and modest, but now even the prime minister of Albania has joined the club.


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