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Overwatch 2 Release Date: Plot, Trailer, and Other Update That You Must Know!

In his first trailer, he states, “We have reflected on the universe and our place within it. But people are not eager to share their world. How many more Omnics must die for humanity’s hopes to be fulfilled? No longer! Ramattra is seen holding one of the killed Omnics in his arms as we see the aftermath of some sort of disturbance in which humans killed at least seven of them.

This incident radicalizes Ramattra, who decides to organize the Null Sector and equip himself to protect his people. But as time went on, it effectively evolved into a robotic terrorist group.

What Is The History Of Ramattra In Overwatch 2?

The Omnics are a sentient race of robots that revolted against humans a generation ago, according to the overarching Overwatch storyline. Ramattra, an Omnic who was initially designed as a general to lead his fellow robots into battle, as well as some other robots, withdrew to a secluded Shambali monastery buried deep beneath the Himalayas in pursuit of enlightenment during the Omnic Crisis. But soon, the bad things people do make him give up his peaceful ways.

Ramattra then founded the Null Sector organization to concentrate on the welfare and freedom of all Omnics, eventually becoming increasingly zealous in that purpose.

Do We Know Ramattra’s Overwatch 2 Skills?

A complete description of Ramattra’s equipment in Overwatch 2 has not yet been made public. But it doesn’t mean that all of his skills are still a secret. When it comes to this interesting tank hero’s abilities, we do in fact have some early information to go on.

First things first: Ramattra enters the battle in two separate forms, as we are convinced. The Tank may switch between Omnic and Nemesis forms by using a transform ability similar to Bastions.

The more defensive alternative seems to be omnic form, allowing for a more laid-back playstyle that keeps his teammates safe while still dealing some damage from a distance. Meanwhile, the action picks up in Nemesis form. Ramattra’s entire character model alters in this more potent mode as the Omnic enlarges. While doing so increases his vulnerability to attack from foes, it also allows for a far more aggressive playstyle.

Ramattra can charge head-on into battle in his Nemesis form, smashing past defenses to hit flimsy backline supports. Even though we don’t know much about his powers, we do know that in Nemesis mode, his kit will work in a very different way.

The final piece of information is that Ramattra only has one shared Ultimate amongst these forms. However, when this Ult is activated, the tank immediately transforms into its Nemesis form as part of the animation, so we can anticipate an aggressive blitz.

Overwatch 2 Background Of Ramattra

Experienced Overwatch players might remember Ramattra’s first teaser from the 2019 Storm Rising event. The PVE aspect of this event took us to a special sequence where Doomfist meets with an unidentified Omnic person. This event is set six years before the events of Overwatch 2. Now it’s obvious who that person was—it was Ramattra, the head of Null Sector.

Ramattra is a very complex “villain,” while also being the leader of what is thought to be an Omnic terrorist group. Most of the time, all he wants is to live in harmony with the other Omnics. However, because of their frequently repressive behavior, humans engage in full-scale conflict.

Ramattra, who is now involved in this battle, will play a significant role in Overwatch 2’s future PVE campaign. But it’s still uncertain exactly when we’ll see this chapter conclude.

Before Ramattra makes his Overwatch 2 debut, that is all we currently know about him. However, keep coming back soon, because we’ll keep you informed here with all the most recent information as it becomes available.

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